Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Features for SwiftKey Keyboard: AI Camera Lenses and AI Stickers

Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Features for SwiftKey Keyboard: AI Camera Lenses and AI Stickers

Written by Heba Al-Sayed Monday, September 25, 2023 01:00 AM She rose Microsoft Expanding the Surface Laptop lineup at the latest hardware event in New York last week, these new laptops include – Surface Go 4, Surface Studio 2 and others.

Apart from these laptops, the tech giant has also announced AI-based improvements for other products like the Windows operating system.

The company has updated its blog post to share details about multiple new features of its AI-powered virtual keyboard app, SwiftKey. This keyboard is available for iPhone as well as Android devices.

In a blog post, Divya Kumar, General Manager of Global Research and AI at Microsoft, wrote: “We are also excited to introduce new AI-powered features built into the SwiftKey mobile keyboard for iOS and Android. SwiftKey is available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Moreover, Samsung’s virtual keyboard comes with Swiftkey integration. So, these new AI features are likely to come to many Galaxy devices. These features include AI stickers and AI camera lenses.

AI camera lenses on SwiftKey

SwiftKey users can access AI camera lenses to create photos, videos, and GIFs with different effects.

This includes lenses and filters available as a result of Microsoft’s collaboration with Snap Inc., which owns Snapchat.

To create and share AI art in the forms of photos, videos, and GIFs using these filters, users need to select the Camera option on the SwiftKey keyboard.

AI-based filters and lenses will be available within this camera, and users can also create images and GIFs using the keyboard and copy them directly into their conversations.

AI stickers on SwiftKey

The new AI stickers feature is also powered by Bing Image Creator.

This tool will allow users to create and send personalized stickers based on their photos or selfies, and Swiftkey users can also share these stickers with their friends and family on WhatsApp and Messenger.

And other communication applications.

To create AI stickers, users have to select the custom stickers option.

Selecting this option will open the camera.

Click on your photo and tap on the option to use photo to create AI-generated stickers.

After creating stickers, users will get the option to follow, which will take them back to the chat.

Users can choose from different sticker options such as travel, hobbies, greetings, and more.

Swiftkey will offer AI-generated stickers using the image in different situations.

Copy the selected stickers and paste them into the chat.

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