Michigan (USA) – 15-year-old boy opens fire in high school, kills 3, injures 8


Three high school students were killed Tuesday in a shootout in suburban Detroit. The alleged perpetrator, a high school student, was arrested.

A 15-year-old opened fire for unknown reason on Tuesday at a high school in the northern United States, killing three students and injuring eight including a teacher, local police said.

The alleged shooter, himself a student at the institution in Oxford, Michigan, was arrested and did not explain his actions, said Michael McCabe, an Oakland County police official. . “The police arrested the suspect within five minutes of the first call” to the emergency services, he told reporters.

According to authorities in this city north of Detroit, the alert was given at 12:51 p.m. local (7:51 p.m. in Switzerland). More than a hundred calls to the 911 emergency number were recorded, as the gunman fired between 15 and 20 times with a semi-automatic handgun within a matter of minutes.

Three students died: a 16 year old boy and two 14 and 17 year old girls. Eight other people, including at least one teacher, were injured and taken to hospitals in the area. Six of them were in stable condition at the end of the day and two more needed surgery, Oakland County police said on their Facebook page.


Present in class on Tuesday, he did not resist the agents who arrested him with gun in hand in the establishment which accommodates 1,800 students. The teenager has remained silent since his arrest. “He is not speaking to us at the moment” on the advice of his parents who “told him not to speak to the police,” said Michael McCabe.

The investigation will have to determine whether the author of the shots fired at random or whether he was targeting identified victims, he added. “It is a very tragic situation,” explained the policeman. “We have a lot of very stressed parents.”

Oxford is a municipality of about 22,000 inhabitants about sixty kilometers north of the great metropolis of Detroit. While traveling in Minnesota, US President Joe Biden offered his condolences “to the families who endure the unimaginable pain of having lost a loved one.” “It’s an entire community that must be in shock right now,” he added.

“An American problem”

The shootings causing many victims remain a recurring scourge in the United States, in schools, supermarkets or in the workplace in particular. According to statistics from the organization Everytown For Gun Safety, the Oxford shooting bears the heaviest death toll at a school in 2021. So far this year, the country has recorded 138 shootings, including 26 with one or two fatalities. Everytime.

“It is a typically American problem which must be answered”, estimated the Democratic governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, during a press briefing at the end of the afternoon in Oxford.

After this fatal shooting, “the experts will say that the solution is to have MORE WEAPONS”, denounced on Twitter Shannon Watts, the founder of the organization Moms Demand Action, which campaigns for a stricter supervision of the sales of weapons. “It’s a failed experiment: there are over 400 million guns in the hands of civilians (in the United States). If more weapons gave us more security, we would be the safest country in the world, ”she added.

This year, nearly 41,000 people died by guns in the country, including 22,000 by suicide, according to the organization Gun Violence Archive.

In 2018, a massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, when a former student fired an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 people and injuring about 15 others on Valentine’s Day, had sent shock waves through the country and revived protests calling for tighter controls on firearms sales. But blockades in Congress, under the influence of the arms lobby, make any major breakthrough on the subject unlikely despite calls from politicians, President Joe Biden included, to toughen the rules on their movement.



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