Mercedes EQC 4×4² is an electric beast in the field. You won’t meet him in Paris

Silver arrow engineers sometimes break free from the chain and introduce something really crazy. 4×4² off-road projects are nothing new, but the design built on the foundations of an electric car is.

Electric SUV Mercedes EQC was officially introduced two years ago and its main rivals include the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-Pace. It was this electric car that served as the basis for another 4×4² work, which continues the tradition established by the similarly cut G-Class and E-Class.

As with previous works, the most important thing took place here on the chassis. The off-road EQC received portal axles specially developed for this project. The car is seated about 20 centimeters higher and its ground clearance has doubled. Of course, there are higher approach angles for better permeability through difficult terrain, as well as wading at a depth of up to 40 centimeters. The air suspension has a stiffer tuning and on twenty-inch wheels we notice off-road footwear.

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All this with a serial drive in the bowels, which consists of two electric motors with a maximum power of up to 300 kW and a torque of 765 newton meters. In a conventional car, this technique can accelerate from standstill to 100 in 5.1 seconds and continues at a maximum speed of up to 180 km / h. Unfortunately, the parameters of the modified special remain a secret, as does the curb weight, which is 2495 kilograms for a production car. The battery with a usable capacity of 80 kWh also remained unchanged.

According to Mercedes, the advantage of off-road construction based on electric cars is the fact that you do not need any additional chassis protection. The frame protecting the battery in the floor is very strong in series. And in order for the car to really work in difficult terrain, in addition to the standard driving modes, we can also find Offroad and Offroad + in the offer of the multimedia system.

If you expect the Mercedes EQC 4×4² to become next to the G 4×4² class as soon as you can see the new decoration of Pařížská Street, let it taste. The silver arrows remind us that this is a one-off project of a handful of selected engineers and mass production is definitely not planned. With one breath, however, the carmaker adds that it will project the acquired knowledge into the next generation of the iconic “gecko”.


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