Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe – Long, wide and rounded

We have described many ways about the meaning of the SUV coupe, and its search is for hours and hours of lengthy debates, which we can now go through online anyway. But for some reason, customers of this body design can’t get enough of it, and automakers would be stupid if their wishes didn’t come true. And they are far from just luxury players in the form of the BMW X6, Mercedes GLE coupe or Porsche Cayenne Coupé. Renault Arkana or the upcoming more attractive version of the Škoda Enyaq electric car will jump on the wave. SUV coupes are simply in!

I still don’t know

Usually I think about the appearance of a new car only after the first meeting, after all, photos often distort and personal experience simply can’t match anything. Sometimes it takes me a few days for my thoughts to sort out and I can clearly tell if I like the car or not. It’s been a few weeks since the GLE Coupe test, and I confess without torture that I still don’t know.

And please, I’m not a stubborn opponent of an SUV coupe. True, the BMW X6 just didn’t fit in with my style, on the contrary Porsche Cayenne Coupe yeah .. and a lot. I probably don’t have to mention my recent test, in which I melted over the shapes of this machine and first realized that the SUV coupe can be done nicely, attractively, liking…

What I definitely like is the blue metallic brilliant for CZK 27,152, on the contrary, I would personally prefer lighter and more imaginative wheels. Well, deliberately look in the attached photo gallery. Would you say a car wears twenty-two? The combination of a dark shade and a swollen body provided a perhaps a little smiling picture here. Either way, the GLE coupe with a length of 4946 mm and a width of 2014 mm is a good piece of car. Even wider than o class larger GLS! And when parking in underground garages, such proportions are not easily disguised at all.

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Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

Well known

Inside, it’s a Mercedes SUV that we already know very well. Two interconnected screens of digital alarm clocks and a multimedia system, classic rotary controls in the middle on the center console and, in our case, also decorative interior panels AMG carbon for CZK 40,729. We already know the infotainment environment well from GLS, you can remember it with the video attached below. In addition, the crew in front has a lot of space here. For legs, overhead and elbows. You can put the seat below. You do not sit like on a stump, but at the same time you do not lose the advantage in the form of a good view in all directions.

Of course, I was much more interested in how the car with the rounded rear sections in the second bench is doing. Surprisingly, there is not much to blame him here either. Large boarding area, rich legroom and for me with a height of 178 cm a surprisingly giant reserve also above my head. But I’m not quite a scale, so I invited a colleague almost two meters tall to find out that he too has enough space in front of his feet and when he sits upright, he still doesn’t cut his head against the ceiling. Thanks to the width of the body and the unobstructed central tunnel, three adults can also sit here quite comfortably.

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Not even the luggage rack was cheated. The basic volume of 690 liters can be expanded to 2010 l by folding down the rear bench. Thanks to the large trunk lid, it is really easy to access, and at the same time it will please you with its regular shapes. In essence, the GLE coupe struggles with the only practical disadvantage in the form of difficult access to things that have moved behind the backrests in the second row.

The price of the tested car increased compared to the basic one, mainly with one greasy surcharge – the AMG Premium Plus set for a considerable CZK 372,104. On the other hand, it contains a proper package of equipment. For example, a set of driving aids, head-up display, Multibeam LED headlights, heated and ventilated front seats, panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning, AMG Active Ride Control sports chassis, keyless access, shoes with 22 “wheels, augmented reality for the navigation system, AMG exhausts Performance with two selectable modes and so on, and so on…

We have already met

We know the driver’s workplace from other large Mercedes, but the power unit under the hood is not completely unknown. The GLE coupe shares a large part of the palette with the GT 4-door coupe and motorization AMG 53 4Matic + kept us company in the summer this year. Just look at the steering wheels of both cars, they are identical, and there are no additional buttons with small displays. Personally, however, I would easily do without this element.

But let’s go to the technique itself. Under the number 53 is an in-line three-liter six-cylinder with a maximum output of 320 kW at 6,100 rpm and 520 newton meters of torque from 1,800 to 5,800 rpm. From a standstill to a hundred, it takes 5.2 seconds and you can continue to a maximum speed of 250 km / h. Due to the curb weight of 2325 kg, this does not sound bad at all.

In addition, such a heavy rounded box can be hidden among electrified cars in sales. Thanks to the EQ Boost system, it is a mild hybrid. The engine, codenamed M 256, features a combination of supercharging with an electrically driven compressor and an exhaust turbocharger. The compressor is doped with a 48V on-board network, which is also used by a starter-generator located between the engine and the gearbox, as well as an air conditioning compressor or water pump. As a result, the system does not need a belt to drive the unit’s accessories.

The starter-generator works with a power of 16 kW, which charges the lithium-ion battery. However, it can also help with acceleration, when under full throttle it manages to increase the torsion by up to 250 newton meters. In practice, this means an immediate response to the accelerator pedal (no lengthy delays) provided by the electric helper and the onset of force is essentially immediate. However, it is not only about agile departures from the place, but also flexibility. At low and medium speeds, electrification helps in moments when the classic turbocharger is inhaled.

Fast. Anytime

The truth is that the unit has nowhere to reach, no matter how you accelerate in any situation. The hand of the chile proceeds with the tachometer from the lower floors to the red band, the standard nine-stage automatic machine sends another quality there and the same again. Although the transmission is tuned for sporty handling, it cooperates nicely with the engine even during a fairly ordinary ride. In this case, he works gently, the qualities change logically, only the start is sometimes accompanied by a small kick.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

At the same time, the fifty-three is the “smallest” AMG that you can get in the GLE coupe. The eight-cylinder will certainly make an even more spectacular show, but it is also one million and 1.4 million more expensive, respectively (depending on whether you choose the 420kW or 450kW variant). This six-cylinder version again boasts decent fuel consumption. With a little effort, it is not a problem to drive for ten liters. Of course, if you enjoy the flexibility of the power unit to the full, the appetite will go up by three, five, even seven liters. In the end, we returned the car with a diameter of 12.1 liters, which is solid for us on a large SUV with a powerful engine, automatic and quad bike.

All-wheel drive is provided by a 4Matic + ATV. Surely you know that the plus in the name announces the system developed directly by AMG, which uses an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and prefers the rear axle. This means that in pure sports modes you feel confident from the car, but at the same time it is not overly sterile. But hand on heart, for real fun behind the wheel we still have enough extra pounds and also the overgrown dimensions…

The management corresponds to this. There could be more feedback, but it is tougher and very accurate. The sharp SUV coupe does not suffer from understeer, despite the negatives described above, it folds willingly into a turn and at its exit under full throttle it clearly shows which axle the ATV prefers. Active Ride Control + chassis system means three-chamber air suspension, active shock absorbers and adaptive stabilizers. The chassis is comfortable in the vast majority of driving situations, and even larger potholes do not send exaggerated blows to the cab. Driving on the highway is even comfortably floating, which I did not expect from a car with such a focus. All on twenty-two-inch wheels.


While writing the test, I drove through the photo gallery of the blue SUV coupe several times and I still don’t know if I like it. But it doesn’t really matter, as evidenced by the discussions under our tests. While one group is excited about the design of which car, the other is chasing him. As for the impressions collected across the test week, they could be summarized as “wow”. Yeah, people around me really liked the GLE coupe.

The rest of me. You can easily get used to the interior with two screens, important things are still controlled through classic physical buttons. Even the direct sun doesn’t mind the displays, they are nice to read under any conditions. Even though it’s an SUV coupe, it still boasts decent spaciousness and practicality. Not only on the rear bench, but also in the luggage compartment. Not to mention that given the dimensions.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic + coupe

And the technique in the form of fifty-three did not disappoint either. Electric mild-hybrid assistance is really noticeable here. Acceleration is not as intoxicating as with the V8 under the hood, but again, the engine “wants” anytime, anywhere. All this with decent fuel consumption. And when the driver moderates all the stuffy sport through the infotainment screen, he gets a comfortable carriage for long journeys. Unfortunately, we couldn’t say that about the GT 4-door coupe, which is why the extra half-star.

The cheapest version of the model 2,020,700 CZK (350d 4Matic / 200 kW)
Base with tested engine 2,599,080 CZK (AMG 53 4Matic + / 320 kW)
Tested car without surcharges 2,599,080 CZK (AMG 53 4Matic + / 320 kW)
Tested car with equipment 3,133,481 CZK (AMG 53 4Matic + / 320 kW)


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