Meet Bryan Brea: The Communicator and Lawyer Who Tells the Untold Stories of the Dominican Republic’s History

Although it is the majority who classify people who are born in the populous sectors of the Dominican Republic, San Carlos (capital neighborhood) witnessed how Bryan Brea managed to empower himself from the challenges that arise in life and get out of them, achieving today in testify for this medium that lives from what he likes to do “tell the story of your country”.

The 30-year-old studied two careers, Law and Social Communication, the latter being the one he is most passionate about because it allows him to multiply the different qualities he possesses and above all because it supports the correct way in which he narrates historical facts and curious facts about the Dominicans.

When explaining why he decided to create content focused on history topics, he let it be known that Dominicans do not know all of their past, this being the engine that led him to investigate and then translate the information in a way that even young people are interested in listening to. .

“I feel that the history of the Dominican Republic has either not been well told or we still have a lot to investigate”

Bryan BreaCommunicator and lawyer

I continue to say that he says it because of the acceptance that his followers have given to the content.

“The support that the people, the public, the young people have given it is incredible, that has surprised me a lot, people embrace the content and it goes viral,” said Bryan.

The statistics of his videos on Instagram made the also lawyer understand that there is something that may be failing both in the educational system, as in Dominican families, so he took advantage of the Listín cameras to motivate him to solve it.

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“I understand that the responsibility of learning a little more about history would be everyone’s, but I think that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture can make great efforts to bring history to audiovisuals, so that people feel more motivated to see and learn, because unfortunately the books have been displaced by the internet and by the computer”, confessed the announcer.

The story in general is something that Bryan is passionate about, but there is a particular topic that he clarified, there is a lot to tell and “it never fails” when it comes to attracting the public.

“One of the themes that never fails are those of Trujillo, I feel that there is a curiosity behind the story of the tyrant that people either do not know yet or want to continue knowing, so bringing this story to the present greatly feeds the need to learn from people,” said the young man, adding that he would be ” I fully agree “with the construction of a museum for Rafael Leónidas Trujillo.

other horizons

Brea currently resides in Miami, but her location has not been an impediment to continue educating about the history of her country of origin, based on what she has shown over time. become a promise of communication.

In fact, making the leap to move to the United States allowed him to connect with an international audience for whom he has been awarded.

According to Bryan, in October 2022 he was recognized as Best International Announcer of the Year at the Praise Music Awards, held in Bogotá, Colombia, positioning himself as the first Dominican to receive it within this branch of communication.

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