Maudy Ayunda’s husband has a Magna Cumlaude degree, what is the required GPA?


Jesse Choi, Maudy Ayunda’s husband has a predicate Magna Cumlaude from his former campus, Columbia University, New York. This information is also listed on his LinkedIn profile.

What is Magna Cumlaude? Is it different from the Cumlaude predicate that we often hear?

Definition of Magna Cumlaude and Types of Cumlaude

As explained on the official website of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT), the Cumlaude predicate is confirmed for students whose cumulative grade point average or GPA is high and meets the requirements of the campus. Before knowing the types of Cumlaude, first consider a number of general groupings of graduation predicate based on GPA:

  • GPA 2.00-2.75: Satisfactory
  • GPA 2.76-3.50: Very Satisfactory
  • GPA 3,51-4.00: Very Satisfactory

The category of Very Satisfactory or Cumlaude predicate consists of three types. Check out the explanation:

A. Cumlaude

The Cumlaude predicate which means With Praise or Honor is given to students who achieve a GPA above 3.50, which is 3.51 to 3.79. However, to get this degree what is needed is not just a GPA. The study period and satisfactory grades in all courses did not go unnoticed.

B. Magna Cumlaude

Predicate Magna Cumlaude given to students whose GPA is above 3.79, which is in the range of 3.80 to 3.99. Students who earn Magna Cumlaude graduate with a Grand Honors degree or WIih Great Honor.

In order to get this degree, students are not allowed to repeat courses and must graduate on time.

C. Summa Cumlaude

This predicate is the highest of the two previous Cumlaude types. If you want to get Summa Cumlaude, your final GPA must be above 3.99. That is, the GPA must be a perfect 4.00.

Summa Cumlaude students hold the title of Highest Honor or With Highest Praise. The Summa Cumlaude predicate is intended for students who have perfect scores in all subjects.

In order to get Summa Cumlaude, students must also not fail in any subject and must graduate on time.

Well, that’s what he’s explaining about Magna Cumlaude and others. Detikers want to get one of the Cumlaude predicate?

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