Marvel Reveals a Crucial Secret About the Symbiotes of Venom and Carnage

Symbiotes have had a long run at Marvel.

Carnage in Marvel comics

For years the symbiotes have been a fundamental part of Marvel comics, especially with those related to Spider-Man, since, after all, these parasites debuted thanks to the wall-crawler, who spent years in the black suit that would later emulate part of his powers to form Venom along with Eddie Brock . Now, despite the fact that we have been seeing the symbiotes in Marvel for decades, the truth is that there are still things we don’t know about them beyond the fact that they are a great threat, as is the case with Carnage 2099 as a villain of the Spider-verse.

However, little by little we may be discovering the mysteries that surround these beings, since the fact that Normie Osborn, Norman Osborn’s grandson, is now the host of Rascal, which, among other things, has caused a fight between the two at Red Goblin number 3. However, there has been something has surprised the head of Oscorp.

Normie Osborn and Rascal show us that symbiotes take on the worst and the best of their hosts

And it is that during the fight that both characters have, there comes a point in which Rascal almost gave his own life to save Normie’s.being so that it has been discovered that the symbiote is doing what it believes is best based on its instinct and what it believes its host wants, this being something that would largely explain what has happened with other cases like Carnage , who, by being born and attached to Cletus Kasady, ended up inheriting his psychopathic nature from him.

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In this way, it could be seen that the symbiotes are not necessarily villains nor evil by nature, but would take the best and the worst of its hosts to nourish itself and grow, Rascal being the best example of this because his lack of experience makes him a blank slate before the innocent Normie, who is hell-bent on correct the legacy of his father and grandfather.

Time will tell what ends up happening with this character, in the same way that it remains to be seen what happens with the UCM after the filming of several films has been paralyzed due to the writers’ strike in the United States.

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