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Marker Wadden is starting to live: more and more animals spotted | NOW

The artificial islands in the Markermeer, the Marker Wadden, are starting to live up. Various species of fish and birds are starting to discover the created tidal flats, according to an interim report by Natuurmonumenten published on Friday.

Birds such as the swallow and the avocet occur in large numbers and can also breed well on the islands. Fish thieves and little tern terns have even brooded so successfully on the mud flats that, according to Natuurmonumenten, the islands have become a home base for endangered bird species.

For fish Marker Wadden quickly became a place to lay eggs. They come a lot to shallow, sheltered places between the marsh plants.

In addition to larger animals such as birds and fish, there is also more and more small fauna on the islands. For example, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers have settled in the area. There are, for example, flake lobsters and different types of snails under water.

Water is becoming clearer

Where the water in the wadden was previously quite cloudy, satellite images show that it is now becoming clearer. The main purpose of the islands is to clean the cloudy Markermeer.

In 2014, sand spraying and mud dragging was started to create the Marker Wadden. The new nature reserve was opened to the public in 2018.

Halfway through 2019 the first mammals arrived perceived: four bat species.



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