Mariana Rodríguez tested positive for COVID-19 … she and her husband Samuel García recently went to deliver groceries to a marginalized neighborhood

Screenshot of the story on Instagram in which Mariana Rodríguez announced that she tested positive for COVID-19

Mariana Rodríguez, blogger originally from Monterrey and wife Samuel García, senator for Nuevo León, tested positive for COVID-19. This was announced this Saturday afternoon, in a story through his Instagram account.

“I have bad news for you, the email arrived today with my test result and I tested positive for coronavirusI’ve been isolated these days because even though I got the flu last weekend (last) I started with symptoms two days ago, to lose and taste and smell, ”said Rodríguez through said social network.

It was a matter of hours for his ad to become a trend on Twitter, where a large number of users remembered that it was just a few days ago, Mariana Rodríguez and Samuel García went to distribute food pantries to a marginalized neighborhood in Nuevo León –a vulnerable area for COVID-19 infections– for which they have warned, the senator’s wife could have infected the people who reached out for that support.

(Twitter: @_alecinn)
(Twitter: @_alecinn)
(Twitter: @LaMalaC)
(Twitter: @LaMalaC)

And it is that last Friday, July 31, a week before the announcement that she was infected with the new coronavirus – and according to what she said in her statements, when she already had the flu – Mariana Rodríguez accompanied her husband the senator to the Tierra Propia neighborhood , which is a vulnerable area in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León, where they delivered pantries to local residents.

In the images, shared by Samuel García on his Instagram account, they do wear face masks, but only that; They do not have other types of protection, such as gloves, which is why users in networks point out that now the inhabitants of that colony who received these pantries from the senator and his wife, ran the risk of contracting COVID-19.

(Instagram: @samuelgarcias)
(Instagram: @samuelgarcias)

On the other hand, Mariana Rodríguez, during her announcement, also said that she had planned to go with the senator’s parents to Monterreal – huts in a wooded area of ​​Saltillo, Coahuila – for her wedding anniversary, after learning that she is positive for COVID -19 would no longer attend neither she nor her husband. This also generated several comments against the blogger, since Users pointed out that, aware that she was probably infected – the test was carried out a couple of days before – she had planned to go to that meeting.

Rodríguez also pointed out that her husband the senator had already been tested for the coronavirus, was waiting for the results and that both were in quarantine.

However, regarding Samuel García also turned the alert comments, since this Thursday, August 6 attended a public event at the Pemex refinery which is located in the Neolonese municipality of Cadereyta. There, the official intended to carry out a symbolic closure of the enclosure, as a protest for, what he claims, the high rate of contamination that it generates.

(Twitter: @BriseidaCastle)
(Twitter: @BriseidaCastle)

However, chen the senator arrived outside the refinery, were present several Pemex workers whothey hardly saw the truck in which he had arrived, They began to block his way and huddle around to keep him out, at the same time they yelled at him that he was not welcome in the place.

“Get out, Samuel”, “Samuel, we don’t love you”, “Don’t look for a leading role in the oil tankers” and “You are an influencer, not a politician”Were some of the slogans that were read and heard among the employees of the state production company.

In the heat of the events, the workers ended up cornering Samuel García inside the car, scratching him, painting him and even breaking the rear glass of the vehicle.

They got married in the middle of the pandemic

This is not the first time that the couple has been accused of recklessness during the COVID-19 health contingency.

Last March, After the pandemic was declared, García and Rodríguez published that they had married, despite the fact that one of the citizen protection measures was the cancellation of such events.

Religious wedding of Samuel García with Mariana Rodríguez (Social networks)
Religious wedding of Samuel García with Mariana Rodríguez (Social networks)

Through their social networks, they shared images of the religious ceremony that took place in the Monterrey Cathedral, which looked almost empty, since supposedly only their direct family attended and there was no party.

For having celebrated their wedding, despite the fact that many couples in Nuevo León were forced to postpone or cancel their events, without even having the option of a closed-door ceremony like Mariana and Samuel’s, the senator was accused of “hypocritical and irresponsible”.


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