Maradona supports the imposition of a “wealth” tax in Argentina

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Posted on: Saturday 23 May 2020 – 3:33 PM | Last update: Saturday 23 May 2020 – 3:33 PM

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona, the current coach of the Argentine Guimenacia La Plata team, has revealed his full support for imposing a wealth tax on the rich in his country.

“I fully support the imposition of a wealth tax. It is difficult to talk about the rich in this country. There are rich and poor. Those who do not have money beg in the streets,” Maradona said, in a media interview carried by the Argentine newspaper, La Nacion.

These statements are in line with the video message Maradona broadcast a few days ago, in which he supports the project to distribute food to the poor neighborhoods and his request to the community to donate for the people most in need.

Maradona said: “Help people with food. This is not a show, because I spent time with hunger. I experienced it in Fiorito, and it is something more difficult than the cold.”

And Argentine President Alberto Fernandez gave the green light to present a draft wealth tax bill to the Argentine Parliament.

The move aims to require the wealthy, whose wealth exceeds $ 3 million, to pay a one-off tax. The expected outcome of this tax is estimated at between three and four billion US dollars. This outcome is used to face the costs of the health, economic and social consequences of the outbreak of the emerging “Corona” virus.

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