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Bergen city council member Thomas Flesland (Sp) believes Storting “should soon adopt an external investigation” of Statnett to have supplies “Misleading Information About Foreign Cables”.

He writes it in one chronicle in Bergens Tidende.

– What appeared in the license application (2013) it was too poor a basis for such important decisions, he tells NRK.

Statnett is a state-owned company that will monitor and develop energy trade with other countries.

I addition Statnett is a professional body that will give advice to politicians.

The quality of these tips this summer has been debated after former oil and energy minister Ola Borten Moe (Sp) called them “shit doctors” on Dagsnytt Atten (he used the English word “shit”).

He added that he, as the responsible minister at the time, would have reasoned differently about the “price contagion” of foreign cables if intelligence in Statnett had been of a higher quality.

A new record was set on Wednesday in Norway’s most infamous stream area (NO2). At most it will come the price up to NOK 5.26 / kWh.


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Ola Borten Moe called the board in Statnett a “shit” on Dagsnytt Atten in July (“shit, shit”).

– Hey reasonable and precise proposal

The proposal to investigate Statnett receives good feedback on the Center Party’s Storting bench and among several party mayors (see quotation box).

– This is one reasonable and precise proposal. Statnett is not an unpopular professional body, says Olaf Lundteigen (Sp).

It is absolutely vital that Statnett regain confidence. Then it may happen that such an investigation is the way to go, says Nils T. Bjørke (Sp), who is a member ofthe control and constitution committee at the Storting.

The National Accounting Office criticized in 2016 Statnett for the “variable quality” of the analyzes, and for the fact that relevant information “does not always appear clearly” in the decision-making base of politicians.

– We will take investigation proposals seriously. Statnett spends billions on bottlenecks and is not a “neutral” party on the development issue, says Sofie Marhaug in the Raudt party.

Marius Arion Nilsen is a spokesperson for energy policy in the Frp. Previously he asked the minister for a similar investigation and repeated the appeal:

– From today’s perspective, Statnett’s recommendations are not clear at best. Considering how big the consequences of high electricity prices are and how damaging it is to our society over time, we’re excited about an overhaul, he says.

– If we had known what we know today, it is unlikely that Norwegian politicians would have been in favor of building these last two cables, says Ole André Myhrvold, spokesman for the energy policy of the Center Party (full answer in the box below).

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

A crusader for new international connections

In the comment “In the iron grip of the power lobby “by Bjørgulv Braanen in Klassekampen, Statnett director Hilde Tonne is called “a crusade for new international connections”.

NRK has been in contact with Statnett, who will not comment on the criticism.

We will not enter into a discussion of whether politicians made decisions on the wrong basis or the like. They should be able to answer for themselves, says Statnett’s head of communications, Christer Gilje.

I mark report Statnett that the new cables for Germany and England were the explanation for “about 10 per cent of the very high prices”.

– In the public debate, it is described as if the two new cables were the main reason for the record electricity prices. Our calculations show that this is not true, On Gunnar Løvås, CEO of Statnett.

For The online newspaper Statnett said earlier this year that “many of the trends and assumptions” set out in the scenario since 2013 “I enjoyed myself”

Statnett has invested NOK 75 billion in the power grid over the past decade and plans to invest the same over the next decade.

The map shows the transmission network in the Nordic region.

– The last two cables should never have been built, says Trond Giske (Ap) in an interview with Klassekamp this week.

Photo: Swedish power grid

Guffen that Statnett is suspected

Arild Hermstad on MDG says it’s “funny that Statnett is suspected like this.”

There is little reason to believe that Statnett deliberately and deliberately misled the population. If you want to insinuate something like that, you should have more to offer, he says

He adds that the ruling party, the Center Party, should rather pursue itself:

It seems like an act of panic on the part of a center party which itself has a seat in power. Now they want to find scapegoats and shift responsibility to others for a policy they previously supported on their own.


In 2012, Ola Borten Moe (Sp) met the German Minister of Economy Phillip Rösler and said he was “very satisfied with the possibility of a power exchange between Germany and Norway”.

Photo: Torstein Bøe / Torstein Bøe

Ola Elvestuen is a parliamentary representative of the Liberal Party.

Parties and local governments should take responsibility for the decisions they make. There is no reason to blame Statnett for establishing the international cable. There has been a broad political consensus on them.

He adds:

Furthermore, it is good for Norway that they are established. Over time, we will benefit greatly from being closely linked to European energy cooperation.

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