Mafia: Messina Denaro’s house with lounge, gym and poster. Here are the first images – Sicily

In a video living room, gym, and photos of the Godfather and the Joker


A tidy house, paintings on the wall, two teddy bears, a brown sofa, a room used as a gym: the apartment where boss Matteo Messina Denaro spent the last months on the run could be the home of any man . In the living room a TV, books arranged on a shelf, paintings on the walls with reproductions of famous paintings, such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and photos of the protagonists of the film the Godfather and the Joker, in the room used as a gym also the ironing board ironing board, dozens of expensive shoes arranged in a shoe rack: an apartment like many others. The video with images of the hideout was shot by the Carabinieri del Ros who, on January 16, arrested the Trapani mafia boss and went back to his shelter in Campobello di Mazara.

Messina Denaro, the hideout of the boss

The boss Matteo Messina Denaro would have used the personal details of various supporters over the years. The investigators suspect that, in the hideout of vicolo San Vito, in Campobello di Mazara, among the papers of the mafia boss they found counterfeit identity documents with the names and data of really existing people. It is not yet clear whether the documents were forged by the mafia boss himself or if someone provided them to him pre-filled in and he only affixed his photo. However, there are several passport photos found at the godfather of Castelvetrano. Before assuming the identity of the Bonafede surveyor, used starting at least from 2020, when he was operated on for cancer at the Mazara del Vallo hospital and used the tax code and identity card of his accomplice, the boss would therefore have made use of other people’s documents. And with the identity of other favorers he would travel and do business. Tracks that the investigators, who are trying to go backwards to reconstruct the fugitive of the mafia boss, will now investigate.

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