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Lung Cancer Takes Chrisye’s Life at 57 Years, These 4 Foods Could Be A Trigger Of This Deadly Disease, Number 3 We Eat Every Day

Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Devi Agustiana

Grid.ID – Chrisye is one of the country’s legendary musicians.

It is known that the man with the real name Chrismansyah Rahardi died on March 30, 2007.

Citing page, Chrisye died because of contracting Bone tuberculosis and lung cancer, which at that time had entered stage 4.

Lung cancer in the body Chrisye started to enter stage 4 in August 2005.

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He had medical treatment in Singapore, underwent a series of chemotherapy, and spent his days sitting in a wheelchair.

Decades before lung cancer attacked, since he was in high school, Chrisye started smoking.

At one point he was arrested by the principal and asked to smoke eight cigarettes simultaneously.

But that didn’t stop him from returning to smoking.

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It should be noted that the lungs are one of the most important organs in the body that we must maintain our health.

There are various diseases that may attack our lungs, one of the most dangerous is cancer.

Smoking is cited as the main cause of lung cancer.

This is because cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic substances that trigger the development of cancer cells.

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This also applies to both active and passive smokers.

But make no mistake, apart from cigarette smoke, there are also foods that trigger lung cancer.

Dilansr Grid.ID from Grid Hype, here are lung cancer-triggering foods:

1. Refined carbohydrates

Based on a study published in March 2016 by Cancer Epidemioly, Biomarkers and Prevention, people who eat foods high in sugar have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who don’t.

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The sugar content in refined carbohydrate foods is very high.

We are better off choosing complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, fruits, whole grain bread, and vegetables.

Because it contains no added sugar, is rich in fiber, and also helps lower cholesterol.

2. Roasted meat

Meat processing by grilling is often associated with the risk of developing pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

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This is according to the explanation of dr. Rohs, a thoracic oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, roasting can release polycyclic hydrocarbons that can enter meat, putting consumers at risk for cancer.

If you still want to eat grilled meat, we recommend that we grill the meat until it’s cooked and don’t burn it.

Also make sure we eat grilled meat in the right amount.

3. Foods high in arsenic

Some foods containing arsenic can also trigger cancer, although in non-lethal amounts.

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For example, rice, apple juice, seafood, and poultry contain small amounts of arsenic.

In fact, there are studies that prove that someone who is exposed to arsenic or consumes large amounts of this substance, can be at risk of developing lung cancer.

4. Food with high saturated fat

Food high in saturated fat are butter, cheese, food with animal fat, processed meat, and so on.

Actually, we can still consume it foodfood but within reasonable limits.


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