Lukas Enembe, gambling in Singapore despite being sick, lawyer: looking for “refreshing”

GIACARTA, – Attorney Aloysius Renwarin stated that his client, the governor of Papua Luca Enembegambling abroad for fun.

Lukas ‘overseas gambling activities were previously in the spotlight after the results of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) revealed that Lukas’ cash deposit in a casino was $ 560 billion. IDR.

Subsequently, the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) also revealed a series of photos and locations of Luke’s gambling activities in three countries.

“During that time in Singapore, he said he was right. Because while playing, it’s entertainment,” Aloy said at a press conference at the Provincial Government Representative Office in Papua, South Jakarta, on Monday (9/26 / 2022).

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Aloy admitted that Luke was sick at the time. He then gambled in Singapore. According to Aloy, the business was not carried out with a large amount of money.

Gambling is said to be just an attempt to relax in the midst of illness.

“Not with large sums of money. Take it easy when sick looking refreshinghence, “he said.

Aloy guarantees that the gambling business is conducted with his client’s personal money. Aloy said he was reluctant to discuss gambling further. According to him, the source of the game money will be explained by Luke.

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Furthermore, Aloy admitted that he was reluctant to answer MAKI. His party is currently focusing on facing the KPK’s legal process.

Aloy also questioned MAKI’s data source and its status, which did not have a position as an investigator.

“This was put into a formal law, based on the work of investigators, I don’t want friends who have no other business to be able to talk,” he said.

Additionally, Aloy said his party reportedly reported MAKI to National Police Headquarters. His party considered Maki’s relationship unprofessional.

“MAKI, we will report him to the police. The results of him, the results of the survey or the results of the survey. He only received reports from people, he wasn’t professional, he was MAKI’s brother, “Aloy threatened.

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Previously, Lukas Enembe was in the spotlight after being named a suspect for the Rp 1 billion gratuity of the Papuan provincial government’s APBD.

Luke’s gambling activities have also been controversial. Recently, MAKI revealed 25 Lukas trips to and from abroad.

MAKI coordinator Boyamin Saiman suspects that part of the trip was used for gambling. He stated that the gambling activities were carried out in three countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

In a video distributed by MAKI, Lukas can be seen wearing a wheelchair in the area of ​​a casino abroad. There is also a video showing Lukas being groped as he enters the casino.

So far, Lukas has not satisfied the call for the KPK examination regarding the gratification case investigated by the KPK. He admitted he was sick, so he couldn’t fly to Jakarta.

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