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Luisa Neubauer: “Deutsche Greta” rages because of Siemens – “inexcusable error”


Despite the violent protests by climate protectionists and a conversation with Luisa Neubauer, Siemens CEO Kaeser is sticking to the delivery for the coal project in Australia.

  • The SiemensCorporation maintains delivery for a controversial coal mining project in Australia.
  • That gave Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser announced.
  • Before that, he discussed climate

    activist Luisa Neubauerwho vigorously criticized the delivery on the subject.

January 13 update: You show yourself combative in the controversial Coal-fired power plant in Australia: Despite the protests from climate and environmentalists, the Indian company has Adani on Monday reaffirmed that he was pleased with the supplier Siemens together.

On the other hand, there is no joy with “Fridays for Future”: Activist Nick Heubeck told Bayerischer Rundfunk that the decision “did not fit into this century” – and announced protests at the Siemens general meeting in Munich in early February. Heubeck further said that the project alone “could already tip the world over the 1.5 degree target”. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser’s decision “to stay inside also shows me that he wants to risk his reputation there for a few million euros”.

Siemens maintains controversial stake in Australian coal project

10:35 p.m .: Climate activist Luisa Neubauer has heavily criticized Siemens for deciding to maintain an important supply for a controversial coal mine in Australia. “Joe Kaeser makes an inexcusable mistake,” said Neubauer on Sunday evening to the German press agency after Siemens boss Kaeser announced the decision. “This decision was made a century ago.” Instead of taking responsibility for the Paris climate protection agreement, Siemens is jeopardizing the goal of reducing global warming to below two degrees.

“We asked Kaeser to do everything in its power to prevent the Adani mine,” said Neubauer, referring to a meeting with the Siemens boss on Friday. “Instead, he now profits from this disaster project.” The people have reached a point in history, “at which every CEO of this size is asked to decide: for or against the climate, for or against the rights of future ones Generations and the protection of people and animals that are affected today. ”Kaeser made this decision for Siemens.

Despite violent protests: Siemens boss holds on to controversial delivery

9.20pm: The industrial group Siemens believes an important supply is controversial despite protests from climate protectionists Coal mine in Australia firmly. That shared Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser on Sunday evening with Twitter. They evaluated all options and came to the conclusion that they had to stick to the delivery. But he also makes a promise: Siemens wants to set up an effective sustainability committee to better manage environmental protection in the future.

Update 2:32 p.m .: Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser does not want to give any expert the position on a supervisory body that he previously held for the climate activist Luisa Neubauer had offered. The suggestion by Neubauer to relinquish this seat to an expert is “well-intentioned,” said Kaeser in Munich. “But we already have enough experts and scientists.”

“The solution to our environmental issues needs leaders who understand and resolve conflicting systems together, ”he added. There were enough experts at the climate summit in Madrid, “but far too little of this leadership. The result speaks for itself. “

Update from January 12, 2020, 10.13 a.m .:
Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser regrets the decision of the Climate activist Luisa Neubauernot to accept the offered seat on the supervisory board of the future company Siemens Energy. He “respects her decision,” said Kaeser in Munich. “She would have had the solution to that of Fridays-for-Future Movement to be able to help shape climate issues that are rightly addressed and also gain insight into complex business contexts, ”he added.

Update at 10:08 p.m .: The Climate activist Luisa Neubauer does not want the offered seat on the supervisory board of the future company Siemens Energy – but has another suggestion for Siemens boss Joe Kaeser. “I will not be able to personally accept the offer, but I asked Siemens to pass the offer on to a representative of the Scientists For Future,” said Neubauer. “If the company is serious about climate protection and Fridays For Future, they will respect my decision.” Scientists for Future are scientists who support the climate protection movement Fridays for Future.

You know the stock corporation law, explained Neubauer her decision. “With the posting, I would be committed to the interests of the company and would then no longer be able to comment independently on Siemens. That is not compatible with my role as a climate activist. ”She is the Paris climate agreement and that 1.5-degree target to limit global warming. “Using the example of Joe Kaeser, you can see these days that this independent role is urgently needed.”

Luisa Neubauer was at Fridays for Future at Siemens.

© dpa / Soeren Stache

Siemens plans to deliver a train signal system to a controversial coal mine in Australia by Monday.

Luisa Neubauer: “Deutsche Greta” gets job offer from Siemens boss Kaeser

Update at 2:28 p.m .: After Greta Thunberg also joined the discussion about the coal mining project in Australia and called for the Siemens group to make the “only right decision”, the “German Greta” Luisa Neubauer has now followed up on Twitter: “Siemens and Joe Kaeser are fully aware of the disastrous consequences of the Adani Mine, ”writes the 23-year-old on the social network. “It’s time to make decisions now.”

Update at 11:27 a.m .: Before the decision by Siemens to supply a train signal system for a controversial coal mine in Australia, climate activist Greta Thunberg has now engaged in the controversy via Twitter. It appears that Siemens has the power to stop, delay or at least interrupt the construction, the 17-year-old Swede wrote on Saturday on the social network. And further: “They will announce their decision on Monday. Please help to get them to make the only right decision. ”

Luisa Neubauer: Siemens offers “German Greta” job – her reaction is surprising

Update from January 11, 2020, 9.54 a.m .: Luisa Neubauer’s first reaction to the surprising job offer from Siemens boss Joe Kaeser might not please the group boss: The key question today is not “some kind of supervisory board story”, but whether Siemens is sticking to the investments, even though they know the consequences for the global climate, said Neubauer on Friday evening on the sidelines of the 40th anniversary of the Greens in Berlin with a view to Kaeser’s offer. It sounds like a cancellation, but Neubauer, who is also known as “German Greta Thunberg”, leaves all options open.

Kaeser had promised “German Greta” a job on the Siemens supervisory board. She will “surely give the Siemens boss some feedback on this,” continued Neubauer.

In Munich, Fridays for Future demonstrators demonstrated in front of the Siemens headquarters at Wittelsbacherplatz, as * reports.

After meeting “German Greta”: Siemens boss speaks of “good conversations” with Luisa Neubauer

Kaeser said after the meeting on Friday: “It was a very good conversation about the issues that rightly move the youth”. They want to look for solutions to the climate together. Until Monday, Kaeser wants to think about how to proceed with the planned delivery of a train signal system for a coal mine in Australia.

“It is clear that this decision is not an easy one,” he said. There are different interests – from shareholders, customers and also society. Fridays for Future demands from Siemens, especially in view of the dramatic wildfires in Australiato forego the business.

Greta Thunberg speaks out in the discussion about Siemens’ controversial coal mining project (archive picture).


Luisa Neubauer gets a job offer – the “German Greta” is surprised

First report from January 10, 2020: Berlin – The Siemens group wants to decide on its delivery for a controversial coal mining project in Australia by Monday. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser said on Friday after talking to the spokeswoman for the climate protection movement Fridays for Future, Luisa Neubauer, in Berlin. Kaeser offered Neubauer one Seat on the supervisory board of the subsidiary Siemens Energy at how he said further. You reacted “surprised”. Neubauer is also considered the “German Greta Thunberg* “.

Neubauer can decide for himself whether it is the supervisory board or another body, said Kaeser in Berlin. “I want young people to be able to actively participate. The conflict between young and old has to be resolved. ”Siemens plans to spin off its energy business as Siemens Energy in the spring and is expected to go public in September.

Job for Luisa Neubauer? Fridays for Future demonstrates against Siemens in several cities

Siemens has received an order for the rail signal system planned by the Indian Adani Group Carmichael Mine in the Australian state of Queensland. Environmentalists criticize the project. They warn that coal burning in India and China will exacerbate global warming; In addition, numerous animal species are threatened on site.

Fridays for Future demonstrated against Siemens in several cities nationwide on Friday. In mid-December, Kaeser announced that it would test the delivery of signaling technology for the project.

German “Greta Thunberg”: Petition from Fridays for Future against Siemens participation

Nick Heubeck from Fridays for Future launched a petition against Siemens’ participation on the portal on Sunday. According to the portal signed until Fridaymore than 57,000 people, Protests against Siemens there were in more than 30 cities.

In his petition, Heuberg referred to the “unprecedented fires” in Australia, The Adani mine will continue to fuel the climate crisis, he criticized. “Burning the dirty coal will further increase the risk of forest fires.”

Job for “German Greta” at Siemens: Greens criticize companies

The climate policy spokeswoman for the green-Bundestag faction, Lisa Badum, explained that Siemens had set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030 and a leading role inFight for climate protection take. An investment in the climate killer coal power is in no way compatible. “If Mr. Kaeser says that every company should serve society, he now has the opportunity to prove that he is serious.”


Luisa Neubauer’s colleague Greta Thunberg has long published her first book* and books about the environmental activist are numerous on the market – also written by her mother.

His stage name already suggests that Meat Loaf (“Fleischklops”) does not believe in climate change. The singer now tackles climate activist Greta Thunberg and spreads one Conspiracy theory.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was the topic of a popular quiz show. But the show went differently than expected –which Greta Thunberg did not want to leave like that,

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital central editorial office

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Peter Kneffel


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