Low price tax: Dacia Jogger took a single star from the crash test

Euro NCAP published the results of other tests this year, which did not turn out very well for the expected hit Dacia Jogger.

The Romanian MPV with crossover elements did not have an easy starting position. It is technically related to the Dacia Sandero and Logan models, which took only two stars from last year’s Euro NCAP crash tests. So a much better result could not be expected, but Jogger paid for his practicality.

Dacie Jogger’s rating was based on last year’s Dacie Sandero Stepway tests, with which Jogger has a lot in common. However, he paid for the absence of security assistants, whose influence on the evaluation results is constantly growing. With more seats, more assistants need to be solved.

Jogger took 70% for the protection of the adult crew, 69% for the protection of children and 41% for the protection of pedestrians. In the area of ​​adult and pedestrian protection, the Jogger succeeded in the same way as the Logan and Sandero models, while in the area of ​​child protection it lost 3 percentage points. But that would not be such a problem.

In the safety assistants’ rating, however, the Jogger received only 39%, while the Logan and Sandero models scored 42%. The reason was the absence of a system reminiscent of fastening in the third row of seats, and for this reason Jogger did not meet the conditions for obtaining two stars, as specified by the Euro NCAP rating.

“A seat belt reminder system is standard on the front and rear seats. However, there is no seat belt reminder system in the third row, where they are also located, so the Jogger loses points compared to the Sandero and Stepway models on which the rating is based, and this is enough to bring the Safety Assist score below the required value for two stars. , “Says the report.

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The Dacia Jogger thus becomes another model of the Romanian brand, belonging to Renault, which dares only one star from the recent Euro NCAP tests. The test of the cheapest Dacia Spring electric car was also infamouswhich, however, the Jogger and his siblings are noticeably losing in all respects.

In addition to the Dacia Jogger, the Honda HR-V and DS 4 also passed Euro NCAP tests. The Honda HR-V with standard safety equipment received 82% for adult protection, 75% for child protection, 72% for pedestrian protection and 78% for safety systems. Overall, the car earned four stars and a fairly positive rating. Only in the protection of children in the rear seats did the car not meet high expectations.

The French DS 4 model with basic safety equipment also received four stars and a rating of 85% for adult protection, 86% for child protection, 74% for pedestrian protection and 65% for safety systems. However, with expanded security equipment, the rating of security systems rises to 82% and DS 4 thus receives a full five stars. The difference is the system of autonomous emergency braking, which in the basic version relies only on the camera, while the more equipped version also uses radar sensors.

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