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Since the Announcing Tesla’s decisionTo set up its European gigafactory in the municipality of Grünheide in the state of Brandenburg, some Twitter users based in the area report on the events on site. For example, the user @ gigafactory_4 regularly reports news and publishes photos of the construction preparations for the GF4, that started in December 2019, At least with the direct observations, however, it could soon be over: As the user reports, the staff on site asked him to leave the premises.

@ Gigafactory_4 writes on Twitter that he has complied with this friendly but certain request. Previously, he had published additional pictures of the forest and the work in it since the beginning of the week – and on Tuesday extracts from the Tesla planning documents, which are available for inspection by local authorities.

Photos: Albrecht Köhler (Twitter: @ gigafactory_4)

A lot of activity was observed on Monday. He could hardly count how many people worked in the forest – “they are everywhere”. Photos show different commercial vehicles. A small bulldozer is loaded from a delivery truck, a crane truck lifts containers to their installation site, two men with metal detectors roam the forest.

According to @ gigafactory_4, several mine cleaners with probes were seen on Monday alone, two investigation teams and numerous clean-up workers (as well as a journalist and @ Gf4Tesla, another Twitter user reporting from Grünheide). He also photographed a metal box with locks that others identified as a safe place to keep found ammunition.

After working on the documents on Tuesday, @ gigafactory_4 then reported straight out of the forest – there it is no longer as busy as at the beginning of the week, he wrote on Wednesday. A toilet house was set up, the metal box was fenced and a high seat was removed.

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So far, the local observer does not seem to have received an answer to an inquiry to the official Twitter accounts of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk about whether he could get permission to continue taking photos on the site. The approximately 300 hectare property is still owned by the State of Brandenburg, but the purchase contract with Tesla has already been negotiated and should be signed in the next few days.

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