Loneliness, family and the meaning of life: Guido Süller’s reflections from his cabin in front of the Paraná River

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Guido Süller alone with Teleshow (Video: Lihueel Althabe and Agustina Klix)

It has been almost five months since Guido Süller He is living completely alone in a cabin in Zárate, on the banks of the Paraná River. He came from two very intense years on an emotional level. And he had decided to spend a few days of rest there, isolated from the world, when the coronavirus pandemic arrived. Since then, he had no more contact with other human beings other than the owners of the complex he inhabits, the occasional fisherman who brings him a piece just out of the water or the merchants of the town where, from time to time, he goes in search of provisions. .

However, in these days of introspection, the media man agreed to receive Teleshow to talk about her new life in quarantine, away from scandals and framed by the desire to finally find her happiness. “I chose a wonderful place, in the middle of nature, with animals, plants, silence … Here I can walk. And here I can’t get anything from it because there are no human beings, so I’m alone, ”says Guido.

“Why this place?”

“The cabin is beautiful.” And I have everything. The truth is that I am very happy here. Suddenly you can come across a capybara, a redfish, there are hares, there are squirrels, there are all kinds of birds, fish … It is all very rustic, all very wild. All my life I flew in Airlines and always stayed in five-star hotels. But now I got to know this kind of life and I love it. This has to do with simplicity, with seeing a sunrise, with seeing an animal … I don’t know, I think happiness is in these things.

Guido in his cabin (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

“How is a day of yours here?”

—I go to bed late: I can’t go to bed early because of social networks. I stay answering messages from my followers until any hour, because today they are my only company. So I wake up at noon, I can’t wake up earlier. I prepare a coffee with milk, I make myself a super breakfast and I begin to inform myself. I google myself to see if there is any news from me, because sometimes I am news and I do not know. And that’s how I found out about my sister, I didn’t even know.

“Did you find out that Silvia had been admitted with heart problems through the portals?”

“Yes, because I don’t have a television.”

“And nobody called you to tell you?”

“Yes, they started calling me, but I was already aware of it from the media.” But this is a bit on purpose, to detox. Because so much exposure is bad, do you understand?


—Afterwards I clean the house, I ride my bicycle, when it was hot I did wakeboarding, I ride an ATV … And I cook a lot.

“Don’t you feel lonely?”

—I always feel lonely, since I was born I feel lonely. So my girlfriend’s name is Soledad. I’m used to it.

Guido has not been in contact with civilization for almost five months (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
Guido has not been in contact with civilization for almost five months (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

“And what are you thinking about these days?”

“It happened to me that I’m discovering that happiness goes the other way.” You always want money, you want jewelry, you want, I don’t know, material things …. And I think that happiness is in the simple, in the simple. In a good friend, a talk, a laugh, a barbecue made even on iron or take out a fish and eat the fish that you got with your rod. I don’t know, I think it’s this, nature. I already told you, it’s been 24 years of being in five-star hotels. I didn’t come down from the Sheraton, Four Season, Hyatt and all of that to suddenly be in a place that is like shooting a movie.

“What about your affections?”

“It all came together for me.” I had no experience with death. My first hit was Ricardo Fort in 2013. After, my dad Hugo died in 2018. My mom Nelida, in 2019. I was joined by the experience with death. And the loss of the parents who are the family, because by not having children the parents are the family. And he left me Thomas, Tomasito, a few months ago, so I have no one. And I don’t have a house, because I sold the Maschwitz house to make myself a country house but the builder couldn’t finish the repairs before the quarantine, so I’m here. Alone.

“You don’t talk to your brothers?”

-No no no no. After what happened to my mother, I don’t forgive them anymore. My family ended when my mom passed away. There is no more Süller family for me here.

Guido confesses feeling lonely since he was born (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
Guido confesses feeling lonely since he was born (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

-Why do you say that?

“They neglected my mother a lot.” She would have to be alive right now. My brother Marcelo exercised gender violence against my mother. I took her to live with me, her legs were all kicked, full of bruises. And he wanted to hang her. Okay, he was high but I can’t forgive him.

-Clear. And why don’t you forgive women?

“Do you remember that my whole face swelled up and I was admitted to the Austral Hospital?” There I had to rent an apartment. And my sister Norma took care of her: she took her credit cards, her pension, her retirement … Everything was zero. Well, there was a pill box that my mother had to take and there was a very dangerous pill, which if a ninety-year-old woman takes two, directly, it kills her.


—My mother came to the Banco Provincia clinic with poisoned blood. Inside of me I don’t blame anyone. But a week ago she was eating at the pizzeria on the corner of the apartment that I rented her. And then she was dying in a hospital bed … So these are things that I cannot forgive, I cannot forget.

Guido assures that after the death of his parents he was left without a family (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
Guido assures that after the death of his parents he was left without a family (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

-It was a mistake?

“I want to believe it was a mistake, I want to believe it was.”

“From Dona Nélida, who was wrong to take one more pill?”

—Not from my mom because they gave it to my mom. She did not distinguish which pill to take, they armed her the pillbox … Draw your own conclusions.

—We know with Silvia, you don’t talk to yourself. Do you have any dealings with your nephews?

—With Marilyn yes: she just became a mother, she had a second boy.

-What is your name?

—Ah, I don’t remember (laughs). The first is named after the father, Francisco. And the second, male too … I don’t know, I don’t remember. My mom died, and after a few days Marilyn got pregnant.

In the middle of nature, Guido claims to have found happiness (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
In the middle of nature, Guido claims to have found happiness (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

-How strong!

“I went to a parapsychologist and he told me that Marilyn’s son is my mother.” Strong, yes. She said: “Don’t worry, don’t miss your mother so much, because your mother is your nephew. He reincarnated ”. Believe or bust, but that’s what they told me. We’ll see. I know him from photos of the baby, I still haven’t seen him in person because of the quarantine. But that was told to me by two parapsychologists, I went to two places because I wanted to corroborate it. They told me: “Yes, yes.”

“Did they give you an explanation?”

“That my mom didn’t have to leave yet, she had to stay on this plane.” She left earlier. As old as she was, even if it was a year or two, she left earlier. And you have to go when you have to go. So it’s here. They also made me Family Constellations and Akashic Records.

Guido no longer awaits the arrival of love (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
Guido no longer awaits the arrival of love (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)


“They said,” Any questions? I say to him: “Yes, am I going to meet love, is someone going to appear?” “No,” they replied. “Find yourself, with yourself. You are a being of light. You have a lot of love to give ”, they explained to me. But they don’t see anyone next to me, for now. That’s why I tell you that my girlfriend is called loneliness. And that’s why I have to learn to live alone and to live with her. To be my best friend and my partner.

—You had fallen into a little depression because of everything that happened to you. How are you today?

“It is very difficult to be Süller.” And it is very difficult to have a sister like my sister Silvia. It was also very difficult to live with my mother who had early Alzheimer’s and to be with her 24 hours a day. My mother did not love Tomasito. I was just married, but I didn’t see him for six months out of respect for her. And suddenly I had to be a nurse, I had to bathe her, I had to dress her, feed her from her mouth … Seeing how the most important person in your life is fading is also very sad. And then how it all came about shocked me a lot. I think that, after this, I will have to do some important therapy.

Guido in dialogue with Teleshow (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
Guido in dialogue with Teleshow (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)

“You’ve already helped your sister, your mother, your family … Isn’t it time to take care of you?”

—That’s what they told me: “Now it’s time to look at yourself. Why do you always have to be second? Always helping? And you? Take care of yourself a little, don’t always be thinking about the other staff ”. And that’s what I’m going to try to do.

“How do you imagine your life when this is over?”

“I just want to have fun and be happy.” I am building a beautiful house in front of a lake, with a beach, dock and little sailboat. And I have my cabin in Ushuaia, where I go every month. So, my life is going to be trying to do as little bad blood as possible. This quarantine is an apprenticeship. I realized that I was not on the right track towards happiness. That happiness, out there, is in other things.

—As you said at the beginning of the talk, it’s simple …

-Yes. Today I want peace, I want tranquility, I want to laugh … And nothing more. I did everything in life: I already have a university degree, I worked, I am retired … I had partners and I would love to have a partner, but I don’t have one. Life does not give you everything, it cannot everything. But it gave me a lot. And I have to be grateful.

In front of the Paraná River, Guido spends his quarantine alone (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)
In front of the Paraná River, Guido spends his quarantine alone (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)


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