localized closures and new close to clubs and parties

Faced with the growth of daily infections, the government is working on the measures to be included in the new decree. The measures under consideration include strengthening smart working and stopping soccer. In the meeting of Palazzo Chigi the nightlife node was also discussed: the closure of the premises at midnight and the ban on private parties are studied. The green light to the Dpcm could arrive as early as Monday evening

With coronavirus infections on the rise (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIAL), the government is working on new restrictive measures to be merged into the new Dpcm to curb the increase in Covid-19 cases. In an afternoon meeting at Palazzo Chigi the hypothesis emerged of bringing the decree forward to Monday evening, but as the deadline is very tight, it cannot be excluded that the green light for the measure will take place, as scheduled, on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, the Technical-Scientific Committee has developed an action plan, based on three different scenarios based on the trend of infections: the worst one would see Italy return to a new national lockdown.

The assumptions on the table

Among the measures under consideration for the new Dpcm are the strengthening of smart working, the possibility of localized closures, new squeezes on premises and transport and, if necessary, the restoration of the ban on travel between the Regions. The primary objective is to avoid a national lockdown and “protect” the sectors considered to be priority (essential services, schools and productive activities). Among the hypotheses in the field, the stop at parties (both at home and those scheduled in public places or places) and a maximum limit of thirty people at tables in clubs and rooms for ceremonies.

Possible closure of the premises at midnight

In a meeting between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the heads of delegation of the majority parties, in view of the preparation of the Dpcm, there was talk of private parties and conviviality, considered among the main sources of infection. On the theme of nightlife, the ban on gathering in front of clubs and restaurants was discussed, with a possible stop from 9pm to standing upright consumption of food and drinks on the premises. On the table also the closing of bars and restaurants at midnight. With the ministers Francesco Boccia and Roberto Speranza, majority sources explain, the incentive for smart working would be discussed.

Closures: the three scenarios

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As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the government and the regions are preparing for three scenarios after the increase in daily infections. The plan, explains the financial daily, is contained in a confidential document developed by the Technical Scientific Committee. The yellow scenario, where the situation is Rt just above 1 and with the hospitals still able to withstand the pressure, stops are scheduled on an hourly basis at bars and gyms. In the event of an orange scenario, with Rt between 1.25 and 1.5 and the health system’s risk of resilience, new closures between Regions would be triggered, production activities at risk being blocked and any localized red areas. The worst case scenario is red, with the RT at over 1.5 and such an increase in cases to lead to a new lockdown on a national scale, with the closure of schools and universities.

Localized closures

All the details of the new Dpcm are still missing, but the government is thinking about a package of interventions. The first is localized closures where necessary, as confirmed by Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa: these are local red areas where larger or smaller lockdowns will be triggered depending on the size of the clusters. If after 14 days the situation has improved, the prohibitions will be removed, otherwise they will be prolonged and extended – in case of deterioration – to the surrounding areas.

Hypothesis prohibition of travel between regions


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Another measure, hypothesized by the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, would be the return of the ban on travel between regions. “In this moment, nothing can be excluded. Not excluding interventions does not mean closing, but being ready for any intervention”, he explained. In the coming days, Boccia will again convene the control room with the Regions to take stock of the situation and evaluate possible moves with the governors. Meanwhile, the president of the Conference of the Regions Stefano Bonaccini went back to stress that in a situation like the current one there is no room for an institutional clash between Rome and the territories: “Government and regions must necessarily work together, I see no other way”.

The other measures under consideration


Maneuver, the government plan between reliefs and extension of the Covid Cig

The government then makes way for other hypotheses, always with a view to avoiding closures of entire sectors and interrupting work activities. The first is to strengthen smart working by ensuring that all those who can work remotely avoid reaching offices and workplaces. With a view to limiting circulation as well, restrictions on local public transport could also be considered. In the Dpcm there could then be a stop to mass events: the Cts asked for it and the monitoring booth of the Ministry of Health confirmed it in the weekly bulletin. This means restrictions on outdoor shows, sporting events, trade fairs and appointments involving thousands of people. The stop to amateur contact sports, such as soccer, is also evaluated.


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