LM volleyball players. Chemik Police won the first victory

Volleyball players of Grupa Azoty Chemik Police in an excellent style inaugurated the competition in the group stage of the Champions League. In Novara, the Poles first played against the VK UP Olomouc team. The Czech rival was not too demanding and the cheeks won 3-0 without any problems.

At the beginning of the first set, both teams fought, so we witnessed a balanced game. Volleyball players from Olomouc had enough strength to half the party. In turn, the cheeks have just begun to accelerate. The block, followed by an attack from the middle of Agnieszka Kąkolewska, gave the cheeks two points of advance 12:10. Polish women were playing better and better, and Petr Zapletal’s charges had a big problem with a good ball reception. They clearly displayed the action, which was well used by the team from Police, scoring with spectacular blocks. There were exactly seven of them in the first set. The rivals could not find a recipe for the Polish team and they lost the inaugural game 25:18.

The Polish team started the second game with a loss of three points in a row. There were some inaccuracies on the side of Przemysław Kawka’s volleyball players, but these did not last long. After Natalia Mędrzyk’s attack from the left wing, the cheeks led to a draw, and then continued a good game. Libero Paulina Maj-Erwardt fared brilliantly in defense, and Kąkolewska and Jovana Brakoczević-Canzain in the attack. The last point of this set was scored by Iga Wasilewska, who finished it 25:19 with an effective attack from the middle.

The third installment, like the previous two, started in a similar style. The chemist spread his wings with mild uncertainty as the meeting unfolded. Speeding cheeks were better than their rivals in every aspect of the volleyball craft. Thanks to this, they won the last game 25:18 without any problems.

Chemist: Marlena Kowalewska, Martyna Łukasik, Agnieszka Kąkolewska, Jovana Brakoczević-Canzian, Natalia Mędrzyk, Iga Wasilewska – Paulina Maj-Erwardt (libero) – Katarzyna Połeć.

On Wednesday, Chemik will play against the Russian team Dinamo AK Bars Kazan. The meeting will be broadcast from 20.25 at Polsat Sport Extra.

NP, Polsat Sport

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