LM handball players. Flensburg – Łomża Vive 31:30

The handball players of Łomża Vive Kielce started the new season of the Champions League with the defeat. The Polish champions lost to the German team SG Flensburg-Handewitt 30:31 (14:14) in the first round of group A.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt – Łomża Vive Kielce 31:30 (14:14).

SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Benjamin Buric, Torbjoern Bergerud – Magnus Roed 6, Jim Gottfridsson 5, Hampus Wanne 5, Mads Mensah Larsen 4, Goran Sogard Johannessen 4, Lasse Moeller 3, Lasse Svan 2, Franz Semper 2, Simon Hald Jensen, Magnus Joendal, Marius Steinhauser, Magnus Holpert.

PGE VIVE Kielce: Andreas Wolff – Arciom Karalek 7, Władysław Kulesz 6, Angel Fernandez Perez 5, Igor Karacic 3, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson 2, Alex Dujshebaev 2, Daniel Dujshebaev 2, Branko Vujovic 1, Nikolas Tournat 1, Arkadiusz Olej Moryto 1, Michał , Szymon Sićko, Haukur Thrastarson, Tomasz Gębala.

Penalty minutes: Flensburg – 4, Łomża Vive – 2. Referees: Mirza Kurtagic, Masttias Wettervik (Sweden). Without an audience.

The inhabitants of Kielce went to Flensburg in a 17-person squad. Krzysztof Lijewski, who had a minor foot injury, was not included in the match “sixteen”. The injured Cezary Surgiel, Sebastian Kaczor and goalkeeper Miłosz Wałach remained in Kielce. The hosts had even more problems with the staff, with only 14 players.

Norwegian Flensburg quarterback Goran Sogard Johannessen opened the result. The Kielce team responded with two goals from Władysław Kulesz. The Belarusian scored the first three goals for the Polish champions. In the meantime, Andreas Wolff’s goalkeeper made a great intervention. In the 10th minute, after Arciom Karalek’s hit, the Polish team jumped back to two hits (5: 3). The guests enjoyed the lead for a very short time. Only 120 seconds later Magnus Roed led to a draw (5: 5).

The team from Kielce was leading with two more hits, but the team from Flensburg led to a draw each time. The Polish champions lost the balls in the attack, and the hosts ruthlessly used it, launching quick counterattacks. Only in the first 20 minutes the players of coach Maik Machulla scored five goals.

Already until the end of the first half, blows from both sides were exchanged. Wolff showed off two great interventions, defending Campus Wanne and Lasse Svan. The German goalkeeper had eight successful interventions in the first part of the game. After 30 minutes there was a draw 14:14. The most effective players of both teams were Wanne and Angel Fernandez Perez, who scored four goals each.

The hosts started the second part of the match better. Wolff defeated Roed twice and in the 33rd minute it was 16:14 for Flensburg. The players of Talant Duyshebaev led to a draw five minutes later (Alex Dujshebaev’s goal). His younger brother Daniel took the Polish champions to the lead after a while (19:18). In the team of guests, Karalek presented himself great in this part of the game, who in the first 12 minutes after the change of sides beat the Flensburg goalkeeper four times. In 45 minutes, a stroke from the second line of Jim Gottfridson was saved by Wolff, and a minute later Karalek scored his sixth goal and the team from Kielce was winning 24:22.

In the next action of the hosts Lassee Moeller made a mistake, Igor Karacic defeated Flensburg’s goalkeeper and the Polish team jumped back to three hits in 49 minutes (26:23). However, a moment of downtime for the Kielce players was enough and after 120 seconds their advantage decreased to one goal (26:25 – Gottfridson).

The players from Kielce had a lot of trouble finding a position to score. In addition, Sigvaldi Gudjonnson did not use the 54 minute penalty. Wanne didn’t make a mistake in the hosts from the seven-meter line and it was already a draw (27:27). The visitors’ downtime continued and four minutes before the end Wolff defeated Gottfridson and Łomża Vive was already losing 27:28.

The last minutes were very nervous. One and a half minutes from the end, the Flensburg team was leading by 31:30 following Mads Mensah Larsen’s hit. The visitors could lead to a draw, but Kulesz’s throw was not on target and the Polish champions started this season of the Champions League with defeat.

Author: Janusz Majewski

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