Living in the surrounding area is becoming more expensive

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open and close, open and close, open and close … we can’t do anything else. Now the Goetheturm in Frankfurt has also been hit. The new building, which had become necessary after a devastating fire in 2017, was accessible to the public for a very short time, now it is closed again. The tower has a few loose screws that have to be tightened first. Nevertheless, FAZ photographer Frank Röth bravely made it to the top in the short period in between documented the great view from there of the Frankfurt skyline, in the Thursday edition the photo can be seen in the newspaper. Open the newspaper and close it again.

Manfred Koehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor-in-chief of the business magazine Metropol.

New capital has been raised in the fight against pandemic, which hopefully does not have to be struck again – GPs have been allowed to vaccinate since the beginning of the week. Well, in homeopathic doses, but medical professionals know that. So many patients have to be turned away, and of course all of them have very good reasons why they should be preferred. We are making progress, but only in very, very small steps.

Not open and closed, but in and out is the motto of the relationship between Frankfurt and what is casually called the surrounding area in the metropolis. More and more people have been moving to Frankfurt for years, but maybe that’s not the last word. In any case, in the beautiful Wetterau district, the opposite trend is noticeable at the moment: families with small children in particular noticed how beautiful country life was during the pandemic, our employee Katja Winter quotes a broker in this district. But as it is: the increasing demand is followed by rising prices. In Wölfersheim, Echzell and Reichelsheim, a square meter of building land no longer costs 130 to 150 euros as it did a few years ago, but almost twice as much. And who is hoping for an ups and downs now, could be surprised badly.

FAZ newsletter Hauptwache

What moves Frankfurt and the region.

And in addition, the city of Frankfurt wants the premises of the industrial company Samson, which is moving to Offenbach, not left to data center operators; will be on the culture page on Thursday the Singer-Songwriter Wolf Schubert-K. portrayed; speaks itself FAZ editor Carsten Knop in a comment to Frankfurt local politics for a Jamaica coalition.

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