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Jen Kerner from iMore did research to find brands and companies that really provided real support for this movement | Recently, the public was shocked by the news Unilever which openly supports the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer + (LGBTQ +) group. Community groups who want recognition of various sexual identity and orientation disorders (the list of identification continues to grow).

The multinational company headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands through an account Instagram official @unilever openly voiced support for LGBT. This support can be seen in upload Instagramon June 19, 2020. They stated that they were fully committed to supporting the movement’s campaign.

Support Unilever the LGBTQ + group received a reaction from the majority Muslim community of Indonesia. Generally, people reject attitudes Unilever. Some even fight with boycott calls.

Before Unilever, in 2016, a chain of coffee shops Starbucks also provide similar support. Through its leader and CEO, Howard Schultz, Starbucks openly stated its support for LGBT.

In fact, the companies that provided support for this movement were not just Unilever and Starbucks. Here are some brands and companies based on the classification of forms of support.

Brands with ‘real’ support

Jen Kerner from iMore doing research to find brands and companies that really provide real support for this movement. He classifies these companies based on the criteria “make donations from sales to movements”. The list he compiled is as follows:

  1. Zenni

These eyewear brands donate all revenue from their ‘special’ collection to the LGBTQ + movement in the ‘It Gets Better Project’ campaign.

  1. Fabletics
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10% of the sales of their various sportswear collections were also donated to the It Gets Better Project movement.

  1. Banana Republic

Banana Republic and The Gap, which sells collections of socks to polo shirts, have donated more than 500,000 dollars in five years.

  1. Adidas

This famous brand has long been a regular contributor to the LGBTQ + campaign in the The Trevor Project campaign.

  1. Doc Martens

This leather boots brand also donated USD 25,000 to The Trevor Project.

Brands and companies also support

In addition to previous brands that have indeed bound product contracts for regular donations, there are also various brands or companies that make donations in other ways. They are incorporated in sponsorship various LGBTQ + campaigns and movements. Among the well-known brands that are on the list of The Trevor Project, one of the LGBTQ + campaigns, are the following:

Partners with a value of donations + 1 million US Dollars: Google

Partners with donations + 250 thousand US Dollars: Coca Cola, Puma, Twitch, Wells Fargo

Partners with a value of donations + 100 thousand US Dollars: Facebook, AT&T, United Airlines

Partners with a value of donations + 50 thousand US Dollars: Discord, Netflix, Microsoft, Toyota, Vans, Youtube Original

Partners with donations + 25 thousand US Dollars: BMW, Otsuka, Disney, Dr Martens

Partners with a value of donations + 10 thousand US Dollars: Amazon, Apple, Nike, Warner Bros Entertainment, Jansport.*

In addition to the above list, there are still many other brands and companies that openly promote and provide support for the LGBTQ + movement. The list is spread and can be found easily on internet sites. * Ahmad S.

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