Lis Cuesta returns to Twitter with “several learnings”

Two days after the unfortunate comment about the blackouts and the heart “in scrubbing mode,” Lis Cuesta, wife of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, announced Tuesday that she has returned to Twitter “with various learnings.”

The so-called First Lady of Cuba did not specify in the thread what those learnings were, but expressed “infinite thanks from the bottom of my soul” to “friends and strangers, of good intentions, who were kind enough to make necessary clarifications.”

“To those who name themselves from the revolutionary left and very lightly open the already customary ‘friendly fire’: I invite you to read in depth the History of Cuba, therein lies the value of true unity,” he assured.

Lastly, he addressed “the pathological sexists who swarm here and the enemies of the Revolution” and told them: “I hate hate, I have nothing for you.”

Since his Twitter account was opened in March of this year, Cuesta has repeatedly become the target of criticism, ridicule and memes, due to his publications.

In April, a few days after starting on the social network, he expressed: “Good morning, loves! The beautiful April begins, so many important dates! I wish you that we manage to jump obstacles with joy!”. Something that earned him the immediate rejection of a large part of the users.

“While children die from medical negligence, mothers mourn their imprisoned children and people spend their lives queuing for bread with cockroaches, our loving First Lady invites us to a happy 110-meter hurdle race,” she said on Facebook. the Cuban journalist and investigator José Raúl Gallego.

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then became famous calling her husband Miguel Díaz-Canel “the dictator of my heart”mistake that the defenders of the regime wanted to vindicate with a challenge that consisted of publishing photos on social networks as a couple, along with said phrase and the label #TeMolestaMiAmor, but nothing prevented the dozens of memes that were created.

And his most recent mistake occurred this Sunday, when he declared that he had “the heart in scrubbing mode due to the overwhelming blackouts” and that, without sleeping, he had gone to the Meteoro and then to the closing ceremony of the Cubadisco festival.

“Lis Cuesta should tweet in the company of an adult,” the user @YoLeonPro said on Twitter, based on this comment.

Apparently, his learning from now could have to do with the issue of the scourer and the blackouts, but he did not specify it.

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