Liene Kiviča surprises with a revelation about daughters

“This is the time I can tell. Of course, I love my daughters very, very much, but I was, I believe, taken away by deception, which people don’t know. People think differently that I’ve left them somewhere. They live to their dad, they have very good conditions there, but unfortunately their dad is trying to get me in. We call, correspond, but we meet not so often, precisely for this reason, because these people here, especially the father, have been through these many years. , which I have brought up girls alone, wants revenge all the time. And he has done it this way. This story is much more complicated than people know. I have always been a very good mom, but now I have to struggle with instances, I try to make sure that the children are all right, because they are against the mother, “Kiviča was open.

Kiviča believes that her ex-husband is offended by her that they were both married, but then divorced and she left.

Liene reveals that the situation with her daughter’s father is likely to end in court.

“I have involved instances, orphans’ courts, social services, and it is likely that it will end in court. People do not want to be in public there, but they will have to be like that, because they do not know how to communicate with me normally,” Liene pointed out.

Kivičs added that after the divorce, Liene’s ex-husband had said that she would take away her children and was now trying to realize it.


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