Li Wenliang: Chinese doctor who warned of coronavirus is dead

“I’m much more afraid of the flu”

According to the doctors, the two patients at the Frankfurt University Hospital who were infected with the coronavirus were isolated. They are fine. They could take normal food and get no infusions or other medication, clinic doctors said at a press conference on Sunday. The virus was detected in them without showing any symptoms of illness.

With one exception, all returnees from Wuhan who are still in quarantine were tested. A woman has refused to voluntarily test for the corona virus, but it is now being made up, it said. The experts excluded that the isolated people in the barracks, who are currently still in quarantine, could become infected if one of them carried the VIrus. “Everything indicates that transmission is only possible after symptoms of the disease appear,” said RenĂ© Gottschalk, head of the Frankfurt Health Department. He advised serenity: “I’m much more afraid of the flu than of these viruses,” he said. The course of the corona infections is “very mild” in Europe.

Four other Wuhan returnees are also in the clinic for treatment. They were brought there “on account of other symptoms” after landing on Saturday evening.



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