LG, Wing smartphone arrives: under the rotating display another screen

LG Electronics deals a new blow, continuing along the path of innovation that does not yet lead it to present smartphones with a very fashionable folding screen, but devices with unique features such as the Dual Screen system (available for example with the recent Velvet) . Today is the turn of Lg Wing, new device presented in the afternoon by the Korean company, which is part of the Explorer Project range and which has a form factor that will remind older people of another 2006 phone, always born from the imagination of the Korean brand, the U900. The mechanism is the same: the second 3.9 “display is hidden and appears by rotating the main 6.8” display by 90 degrees, thus forming a T made up of two superimposed screens. The mechanism, Lg guarantees, has been tested over 200,000 times to confirm its reliability.

When closed, Lg Wing has the classic design of a conventional smartphone: oled screen, triple rear camera and a 32 megapixel popup that does not take up so much space on the display with a 20.5: 9 ratio. Rotating the screen clockwise, which will be positioned horizontally, the second 3.9 “screen is revealed, which allows new ways of using content from the phone. To enhance the unique form factor, LG has collaborated with partners and innovators in the sector: when you watch YouTube or Tubi from the pre-installed Naver Whale browser, for example, the main screen shows the video while the second screen shows the comments or the search bar. Thanks to the collaboration with streaming platforms such as Rave and Ficto, with Lg Wing it is possible enjoy videos in full screen mode and at the same time interact with other users through the second screen.

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Among uses, the open screen mode can be useful in the car, allowing you to use the two screens simultaneously with different applications, something that normally does not happen on a traditional smartphone. For example, you can consult the directions on the main screen and have the second screen at your complete disposal for calls. In the hand, the second screen not only allows you to expand the front display of the device, but also acts as a handle when the main screen is open. In addition, the Grip Lock function allows you to keep the second screen locked when not needed, so as to prevent accidental touches while holding the smartphone.


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