LFF: Further progress of the football hall construction project has been approved

Vadim Lashenko Photo: Evija Trifanova / LETA

After the establishment and approval of the relevant regulations, the Latvian Football Federation (LFF), the Management Board shall take forward the football hall construction initiative, which provides for LFF co-financing up to 500,000 euros within each project, reports LFF.

A dialogue with LFF members and municipalities is being initiated to identify current interest in the construction of football halls.

“The football hall construction initiative is one of the cornerstones of our development program. We keep the promises made to LFF members and move forward in the implementation of this project. First of all, we have agreed on all the nuances of the regulations, which now allow us to talk to local governments and LFF members about very specific opportunities and deadlines. In the coming month, we expect the first applications to be submitted, so that, as everything goes according to plan, the first of the projects will see its light in the next year, ”says the President of LFF Vadim Lashenko.

At the LFF Board meeting held on Wednesday, August 12, the composition of several LFF standing and temporary committees was also approved, as well as an agreement was reached to continue the implementation of the Club Sustainable Development Support Program by improving its terms and conditions.

Continuing the work on the composition of the LFF committees, the Board got acquainted with the candidates nominated by the LFF members and the previously approved committee chairs for work in the respective committees. The LFF Board heard the views of the invited persons on the work to be done and approved the composition of the following standing and temporary committees.

The following have been invited to work in the LFF Finance Committee: Ieva Lagzdiņa (Chair), Maksims Krivuņecs, Jekaterina Juhimeca, Atis Kovaļovs, Liāna Sproģe; in the football veterans committee – Dainis Gudermanis (chairman), Gvido Treimanis, Boris Marozovs, Aigars Ragainis, Andris Kaģis, Viktorija Mihaļčuka, Mihails Zemļinskis.

Committee on Development and Youth – Arturs Zakreševskis (Chairman), Eduards Borisevičs, Māris Landmanis, Edgars Kaļva, Mārtiņš Jaunskalže, Andis Ādamsons. The nomination of another member of the committee will be decided separately. The committee of judges – Jānis Mežeckis (chairman), Ginta Pēce, Kiazo Leladze, Andrejs Sipailo. The nomination of another member of the committee will be decided separately.

The LFF Board decided to continue the search for the most suitable candidate for the position of the Chairman of the Competition Committee. The approval of the Chair of the Women’s Football Committee, as well as the Chair and members of the Committee on Infrastructure, will also be considered at the next Board meetings.

The LFF Board got acquainted with the last four-year cycle of the Club’s Sustainable Development Support Program, in which more than 80 LFF members were provided with financial support to achieve the set goals in the amount of up to 20,000 euros for each program participant. The LFF Board agrees that the program should continue its activities, but that its conditions, criteria and opportunities need to be updated and improved. To this end, it has been decided to establish a special working group for planning the further activities of the Club Sustainable Development Support Program.

LFF President Vadim Lashenko briefed the LFF Board on the issues raised this week in a video conference with Janis Infantino, President of the International Federation of Football Federations (FIFA). The LFF Board has discussed the feasibility of the Covid-19 mitigation support program offered by FIFA, which includes a number of potential affiliated programs with a total available amount of up to $ 1.5 million. One third of the available amount is intended specifically for the implementation of women’s football development projects.

Next year, as LFF celebrates its 100th anniversary, the LFF Board has approved a working group to plan events and values ​​related to this significant event.

Until the next meeting of the LFF Board, it is planned to coordinate and submit for approval the LFF authorization regulations, LFF internal agenda rules and other related regulations.

The next meeting of the LFF Board is scheduled for August 21 at the LFF Training and Exercise Center “Staicele”, among other things, to discuss issues related to the development of the base.

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