Léonie Bischoff, all fired up

BACK TO SCHOOL FIGURES-. Anaïs Nin’s mad designer is in the running for the Best Album Award at the Angoulême Festival.

Léonie Bischoff is only 39 years old, and yet we already feel a great maturity in her. This Swiss woman with a laughing but determined look has signed a highly noticed graphic novel this year. The designer has matured him for many years. Anaïs Nin. On the sea of ​​lies is a tightrope walk exercise on a strong and disturbing figure in the literature of the twentiethe century. We come out of reading this inflamed comic with the topsy-turvy. Troubled, seduced, charmed, shocked, also impressed by the quality of analysis which springs from this fluid “graphic novel” radiographing the talent and the dark side of Henry Miller’s mistress.

The freedom of tone, the clear words and the sensuality of Léonie Bischoff’s lines work wonders. The album is logically one of the finalists in the running for the prize for the best album of the Angoulême Festival, the famous golden fauve, which will be unveiled live this year on January 29 at the large theater in the city. It is also well placed

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