Lee Bong-ju, has he been able to recover from a back injury…

[매일경제 스타투데이 김예지 인턴기자]

Former baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk announced the recent status of former marathon player Lee Bong-ju.

On the 18th, Yang Joon-hyuk posted a photo on his Instagram along with the article, “Lee Bong-ju, Kim Yo-han, and Yang Joon-hyuk have joined together in a long time.”

In the published photos, Yang Jun-hyuk and Lee Bong-ju, and former volleyball player Kim Yo-han, who spend time at the sports academy run by Yang Joon-hyuk were captured. Lee Bong-ju, who is in the V pose, is crouched as if his back injury has not fully recovered.

Lee Bong-ju complained of back pain after performing a’tire pulling’ using abs during the filming of the Saipan field training for JTBC entertainment‘Come Together’ in January of last year.

Lee Bong-ju, who was diagnosed with a related disease before, but said that it was from then on that the pain became severe, ended up temporarily getting off the bus in March of last year.

After that, he participated in the’Mung Chan’ 1st anniversary broadcast in June and the last recording this year, but other than that, he has been devoted to treatment without broadcasting. Netizens expressed their worries as Lee Bong-ju had not yet recovered his health.

Netizens wished for a good ride with reactions such as “Bonjour, I hope you recover quickly”, “I’m sorry. I hope you recover quickly”, and “I think Lee Bongju hasn’t recovered from his injuries yet. I hope you get better soon.”

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Photo| Joonhyuk Yang SNS

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