Le Matin – Strong enthusiasm for blood donation

The Association of rare group blood donors organized, last Friday at the Regional Blood Transfusion Center (CRTS) in Marrakech, a blood collection campaign which was very popular. This solidarity and humanitarian initiative made it possible to collect some 300 blood bags which are likely to help replenish blood stocks and make up for the flagrant lack of this vital matter at the level of the CRTS. This campaign aims to consecrate the culture of solidarity and raise awareness of the role of blood donation in saving life during this exceptional situation which has seen the decline in the number of donors. The organizers of this campaign have taken a series of measures at the organizational and health level in order to comply with the preventive measures adopted at the national level in the face of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a statement to MAP, the general supervisor at the CRTS in Marrakech and responsible for blood collection campaigns in the Marrakech-Safi region, Mahmoud Abghach, indicated that this campaign comes after the call for donation launched by the CRTS due to the drop in the number of donors, which coincided with the summer holidays and the pandemic. Mr. Abghach said that the CRTS has developed an action plan based on openness to the media and civil society associations to encourage citizens to donate blood, noting that the doors of the CRTS in Marrakech remain open to citizens from 7 am to 6 pm to receive anyone wishing to donate blood. The treasurer of the Association, Youssef Mardi, for his part, emphasized the lack of blood bags at the CRTS in Marrakech, noting that the current national stock barely meets the needs of four days. The Association of Rare Group Blood Donors, created in 2012, works in close collaboration with the CRTS to meet the needs of the Center in rare blood groups.


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