Latvian rising pop star Emilija releases her debut album

17-year-old singer Emilija enters Latvian pop music with a five-song album “Augustā”. A single and video for the song “Atspulgs”, which is an Emily duo with singer Mikēlis Putniņš, is also released.

The listeners got acquainted with the title song “August” already in May. The summer heat was released second single “Bites”, while with the release of the mini album, attention is paid to the song “Atspulgā”, where Emīlija sings together with Miķelis Putniņš, the soloist of the group “Ezeri”.

The duo survives the story of a new love – the moment when lovers look at each other as in their reflection. I want to call it the song of “silent love”. It’s about thoughts and small nuances, about security awareness and the ability to evaluate, “Emilija shares her thoughts on” Reflection “.

“All the songs are based on my personal experience, but I hope that through the feelings and associations it will inspire the listeners to hear their own personal story in the songs,” says Emilija.

The author of the song music and lyrics is Emilija Jermola herself. Recording project manager Agnese Rozniece, who together with her “Zvaigznājs” team attracted creative support – musicians Pēteris Lundis, Kristaps Ērglis and Chris Noah, Elizabete Džeina Rubene and Artūrs Strautiņš were involved in creating the visual image.

“At the age of 17, Emilija has grown amazingly and independently in her music, and yet, like all artists, regardless of age, Emilija needs support to get things to their destination.

This debut recording gives a very good idea of ​​Emilia’s characteristic musical style, which is primarily contained in her voice and also in the musician’s own conviction about how her music should sound, ”says Agnese Rozniece.



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