Large number of people interested in donating plasma – El Ancasti

With the increase in positive cases of coronavirus in recent weeks in the province, consultations with the Central Blood Bank of patients recovered from this infection to be plasma donors, where the antibodies generated after the disease are found, have also increased.

Rodolfo Bepre, director of the Blood Bank, told EL ANCASTI that the call is being made for the so-called recovered patients to come to be evaluated and thus know if they are suitable to be plasma donors or not.
In this sense, Bepre explained that four weeks should be counted from the time the patient is discharged to enhance the aptitude assessment.

It continues to be observed that many people have not developed the amount of antibodies or if they do have them they do not reach an adequate value, as in recent weeks a greater number of cases of infection have been observed, we are within the waiting period of four weeks to advance the evaluation of those recovered people, he said.

In addition to waiting four weeks and evaluating the amount of antibodies present in the plasma, a complete blood count is performed. With this study, the amount of red, white blood cells and platelets can be determined so that, based on that, the feasibility of plasma donation can be evaluated.

“A serology study must also be carried out, which are the determination of infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Chagas disease, syphilis, brucellosis, etc., which are determinations that have to be made before donation, said Bepre.

And, regarding the number of interested parties to be evaluated, he added that there is a good number of people who are evaluated to donate, hence those who meet all the conditions are selected.

To be a donor, you must meet a series of requirements related to a history prior to the course of the disease.
“In the case of being a woman, she does not have to have a history of pregnancy or loss of pregnancy at any time in her life as well as in men, and women, they should not have a history of blood transfusions. Considering these requirements, people already have information and progress is being made in evaluating the donation, “Bepre said.

Regarding the available stock of plasma in the Blood Bank, its director stated that it is adequate.
“The stock we have is adequate, but we continue working on the call and respecting the waiting period for recovery and once that time has passed they are called and the study is carried out,” he said.
In this sense, he said that, although the stock is adequate, the demand for plasma in recent days has grown, so the call for recovered patients continues.
The transfusion requirement is being implemented in recent days, it has to do with the largest number of cases and with the individual factors of the patients who need it, he said.

Among the benefits of plasma is the possibility of keeping it for about a year in high temperatures below zero.
Another is that it is not necessary that there be a blood group compatibility between the donor and the recipient patient because the plasma provides proteins and antibodies.

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