‘LAAB-Covid-19 vaccine’ in Thailand, effective yet effective

On February 7, 2023, the National Vaccine Institute Organize an online academic discussion “Retracing Omicron and the use of COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand” byDr. Sopon Iamsirithaworn, Deputy Director General, Department of Disease Control Said the world had passed the pandemic of COVID-19. In Thailand, during 2020-2021, 2,223,435 cases of illness and 21,698 deaths.
In the year 2022, which is the period of the Omicron strain, 2,498,373 cases are sick and 11,896 deaths, the death rate is relatively lower than average. This is partly due to vaccines and other measures, and the infection and death rates are the lowest since the Omikron outbreak. The high morbidity rate is in the working age group. But the highest morbidity and mortality rate is in the age group of 70 years and over at 4%.

Outbreak situation in 2023 last week The rate decreased in all groups, including 252 hospitalized patients, 122 pneumonia patients, 78 intubated patients, and 17 deaths. All deaths were in the elderly group. 8 people were not vaccinated at all, 1 person received one dose, 3 people received a second dose, and 5 people received a booster dose more than 3 months.

Vaccines save the lives of nearly 500,000 Thai people.
Covid-19 vaccination coverage As of February 6, 2023, there were more than 146 million doses of cumulative injections, the first dose covering 82.81%, the second dose covering 77.79%, the third dose covering 39.23%, the second dose covering 4 covers 9.44%, 5th dose covers 1.48% and 6th dose covers 0.09%. There is research confirming that 100 million doses of vaccination in Thailand can prevent up to 490,000 deaths

“There are still about 2 million elderly people who haven’t been vaccinated at all, which is a risk group when infected with severe symptoms and is an age group that is at increased risk now. because other age groups have started to stop protecting themselves The closer to the Songkran festival, where there will be going to the elderly Therefore requesting to be vaccinated according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Public Health ”said Dr. Sophon.

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And in 2023, it will also be a booster vaccination to prevent serious illness and death in all population groups. especially risk groups and is between the Department and relevant agencies to discuss guidelines for an annual vaccine, as well as an influenza vaccine that focuses on risk groups

4 doses of vaccine prevent death 100%

whileProf. Emeritus Dr. Suwat Jariyalertsak Dean of the Faculty of Public Health Chiang Mai University Said that in medical vaccination, there are four goals: preventing infection, reducing hospitalization, reducing severe illness and reducing death, with the latter two being the most important. During the Omicron epidemic, the study on the efficacy and reduction of immunity from COVID-19 vaccine, booster dose 3 and 4 during the Omicron virus outbreak was studied. using the area database Chiang Mai Province which has 2 research papers

First, a combination vaccine. Help reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19 During October-December 2021 (Delta period), it was found that

  • 2 doses of vaccine prevent infection by 63%
  • 3 needles prevent infection more than 95%
    For the period Feb. – Apr. 2022 (Omicron range)
  • Two shots of the vaccine will not prevent infection.
  • 3 doses of vaccine prevent infection 31%
  • and 4 doses of vaccine prevent infection by 75%

“ Chiang Mai Province area During the Delta outbreak, there were about 20,000 patients, 156 deaths, representing 0.78%, while during the Omicron outbreak, there were 300,000 cases of infection, 175 deaths, representing 0.06%, or a decrease in deaths. down 13 times.”Prof. Emeritus Dr. Suwat said

Probably due to 2 important reasons: 1. Omicron severity decreased. and 2. The population in Chiang Mai received more 3rd and 4th booster vaccines, so the booster vaccine in early 2022 is very important in reducing deaths and violence in Chiang Mai Province.

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The effectiveness of the vaccine lasted 4 months.

and the second piece: a vaccine reduces the severity and death of COVID-19. during October-December 2021 (Delta period)

  • 2 doses of vaccine reduce severity/death by 89%
  • 3 doses reduce severity/death 100%
    For the period Feb. – Apr. 2022 (Omicron range)
  • 2 doses of vaccine reduce severity/death by 80%
  • 3 doses reduce severity/death 89%
  • and 4 doses reduce severity/death 100%

As for the effectiveness of reducing severity and death, how many months will it last? After receiving 3 or 4 stimulus needles, it was found that

  • For patients who received the 3-dose combination booster vaccine, the vaccine’s effectiveness in reducing severity/mortality was 14-120 days after the last dose or 4 months, at 91-93%.
  • If the time is longer than 120 days, the effectiveness begins to decrease at 77%.
  • and if longer than 180 days or 6 months will be reduced to 68%

“Population in the 608 risk group is recommended to receive booster doses 3 or 4 at 4 months or more after the last vaccination date. And from the comparative analysis of the efficacy of the 3rd or 4th dose of the COVID mixed formula vaccine, whether AstraZeneca or mRNA, it was found that the effectiveness in reducing severity or death was not different. Therefore, they can choose any type of injection as they voluntarily,” said Prof. Emeritus Dr. Suwat.

'LAAB-Covid-19 vaccine' in Thailand, effective yet effective

LAAB still works in Thailand.

sideDr. Weerawat Manosutthi, Dr. Songwut, Department of Disease Control Said for the administration of long-acting antibodies: LAAB which is a long-acting antibody or immunotherapy Has been approved and registered in Thailand For prevention before exposure to pathogens, COVID-19 and treatment for COVID-19 by effective protection
From the results of the study, it was found that symptomatic prevention was 82.8% after 6 months follow-up and the effectiveness of treatment.
From the results of the study it was found that can reduce the risk of severe disease Or death was 88% in the group received within 3 days after onset of symptoms. And reduce the risk by 50% in the group received within 7 days after symptom onset.

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“LAAB was able to respond to the omicron strain BA.2.75, which is the main endemic strain in Thailand. still retains the ability to inhibit Omicron BA2.75 as well compared to traditional species But other species that are found in foreign countries may reduce the effectiveness of inhibition. Therefore, it is also beneficial to use, especially for vulnerable groups, ”said Dr. Wirawat.

Thailand has LAAB Serving about 2 hundred thousand doses, used by about 52,669 people and stocking 137,572 doses, with target groups for admission, including: 1. 607 risk groups, including the elderly and 7 groups of chronic diseases that have not been vaccinated or received. Last vaccination after 3 months

2. High-risk groups with low immunity or who have received vaccination but are unable to build sufficient immunity, such as those who have received an organ transplant. Patients with end-stage renal disease receiving renal replacement therapy, etc.

and 3. other cases at the discretion of the treating physician

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