Kylie Jenner offers the famous pair at 76,000 dollars

According to fashion lovers, they are a work of art. New York brand MSCHF has designed a limited quantity of sandals called “Birkinstock», Which have driven the internet into a panic since their release. This is because the taps, which in appearance are not extravagant, were designed with offcuts from Hermès bags, the famous and luxurious Birkin bags from the French brand. According to the New York Times, there are only ten such pairs.

The New York brand MSCHF has made a limited quantity of slides, designed with offcuts from Hermès bags.

The work of art is a totally unexpected combo between the two brands, and for good reason: none of them has given its consent for this kind of creation, underlines Madame Figaro. As a result, the sandals cost $ 76,000, or 894 times the price of a regular pair.

What actually panic the web and anger the girlfriends. On her Instagram account, it was Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kadarshian clan, who was quick to show their acquisition to her 200 million subscribers. “Thanks @mschf,” wrote Kylie Jenner, who according to Forbes is also the world’s youngest billionaire.

Still according to Le Figaro Madame, rapper Future and singer Kehlani as well as an anonymous art collector would be among the first clients.



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