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Austria needs to be put in emergency mode due to the threat of coronavirus spread, said Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz

Photo: Ronald Zak / AP

The epidemic of the new coronavirus is Austria’s most serious challenge since World War II, said Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, transmits ORF.at.

“Austria is 10-14 days behind Italy. Now we need to act decisively and from Monday transfer the republic to emergency mode. This should slow down the spread of the virus, ”said the Chancellor.

According to him, the authorities need to find a balance between the introduction of the most effective measures and maintaining the normal functioning of the state. Neighboring Italy, for example, immediately faced two problems – the spread of the disease and difficulties with logistics and providing residents with everything necessary, he explained. “We must be very careful that our system continues to work,” Kurtz pointed out.

Earlier, the government has already allocated € 4 billion to fight the coronavirus, and this assistance, according to the chancellor, is not the last. He also noted that from Monday, March 16, Austria will begin to apply restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus. In the country, most stores will close within a week, with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies. In addition, universities will suspend their work, and restaurants, bars and cafes will reduce opening hours and will be open only until 15:00.

The new coronavirus spreading from China also affected Europe. The largest outbreak among them occurred in Italy, where the number of cases exceeded 21 thousand people, according to given SCMP 1441 people died from coronavirus infection in the country.



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