Korean student convicted of being caught taking a hidden camera in the shower of women in the UK

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In the UK, a Korean student in her twenties was convicted of secretly filming women.

According to Manchester Evening News on the 1st (local time), Kim Mo, 21, a Korean international student who was captured by the police and handed over to trial while secretly filming women around Manchester University from 2019, was convicted after acknowledging his charges.

Recently, a Manchester court ordered Kim, who is accused of secretly filming women, to volunteer for 36 months, and ordered him to complete a 220-hour sexual crime re-offense prevention program. The court also ordered that Mr. Kim’s identity be registered on the list of sex offenders for five years.

Earlier, Kim installed a mobile phone for a hidden camera in the shower room on the campus in November 2019, and a student suspected it and reported it to the police, where he was caught. In Kim’s mobile phone, there were images of a woman exposed to her body when bending over to eat, including women’s shower scenes, under the skirts of women climbing stairs, and sneak shots taken at a student council welcome party at the University of Manchester. The police confirmed the identity of the victims based on the photos and videos on the mobile phone, and there are four confirmed victims so far. However, the police believe that at least 24 women were victims of hidden camera shooting. A college student, a victim woman whom Kim had known, said, “I didn’t think they were the ones who would invade their privacy.” Another victim complained of her feelings, saying, “After the hidden camera, I had problems in everyday life because of an anxious mind.”

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Jo Yoo-kyung, Dong-A.com reporter [email protected]

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