Kevin Durant has a role model to follow to become # 1 again: Breanna Stewart

The 2019-2020 NBA season is not yet completely over as some questions on the next one are burning. Kevin Durant, now able to play basketball again, can he become the player he was before his Achilles tendon rupture and carry the Brooklyn Nets to the top? This injury is unanimously recognized as the worst for a basketball player. Many players, both stars and role players, have never really recovered. One of the rare counter-examples concerns Dominique Wilkins, who managed to remain one of the best scorers in the league after this prank in 1992, when he was already 32 years old. Kevin Durant now has another possible role model to follow: Breanna Stewart. You can say what you want about the difference between the NBA and the WNBA, but an elite athlete is an elite athlete.

In April 2019, while she was on an absolutely historic momentum (MVP of the season and the Finals in WNBA, WNBA champion, MVP of the World Cup and gold medal with Team USA, MVP of the Euroleague …), Breanna Stewart collapsed in the middle of the Euroleague final against Ekaterinburg, precisely broke by a ruptured Achilles tendon. On Tuesday, the former UConn star, 26, resumed his story. “Stewie” won the league title with Seattle in the Finals against the Las Vegas Aces of Bill Laimbeer (yes, the ex-Bad Boy himself) and was voted MVP of the 2020 Finals. Stewart did not partially return to his level. She came back even better and even more unstoppable for the league’s defenses.

Breanna Stewart’s legendary season ends in drama

Like Kevin Durant and all things considered, his game is not based on explosiveness and athletic prowess either. Her footwork borders on perfection, of course, but it is above all the technique (of shoot and movements at the post) of the star of the Seattle Storm that makes her one of the best players of all time.

KD can’t be urged enough to give Breanna Stewart a call to find out how she successfully thwarted the curse. Some funny similarities can be found between the two of them. Kevin Durant will partner Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, whose favorite player and one of the idols is Sue Bird, Storm leader and Stewart’s teammate. Durant’s career also began in .. Seattle, before moving to Oklahoma.

The former OKC and Golden State Warriors winger will be expected around the corner and all is well to take as he faces the biggest challenge of his career.

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