Ken Block sells his Ford Hoonitruck, with a Ford GT engine under the hood

After finishing his collaboration with Ford, Ken Block gets rid of his cars with a blue oval in the emblem. And next in line is the brutally modified Hoonitruck.

At the beginning of the year, Ken Block announced the termination of his collaboration with Ford and became a freelance racer. The separation from the blue oval was supposed to take place in a friendly spirit, but Ken Block has got rid of several cars with a blue oval in the emblem in recent months. And it was definitely not an ordinary piece.

For example, at the end of April, a car collection called “Ken Block’s Collection Of Dream Cars” went up for auction, in which the racing Fiesta ST “GYM3” model year 2011, the Fiesta ST “RX43” model year 2013 or the stunning Ford RS200 from 1986. Block was talking about his dream car. All the machines underwent a number of modifications and were watched by hundreds of millions of spectators in various projects.

But now Ken Block has decided to get rid of his Hoonitruck, which was a bit of a spiritual sibling of the Hoonicorn – a brutally modified 1965 Ford Mustang with all-wheel drive and 1,400 horsepower.

The basis of Hoonitruck was the Ford F-150 from 1977, of which, however, perhaps only the basic shapes remain. The chassis of the car consists of a custom-made tubular frame, which is fitted with aluminum body panels. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, which comes from the Ford GT Le Mans racing special, then partially peeks out through the hood.


The engine, which managed to extract 682 kW, is connected to the six-speed Sadev transmission and power travels to all four wheels. The result is a truly frantic monster, with which Ken Block performed incredible tricks again in his video Gymkhana 10.

The car will be sold again by the company LBI Limited, which also mediated the sale of previous Fords from the collection of Ken Block. Hoonitruck itself is now on display in an exotic car dealership in the city of Pontiac (Michigan) and its price was set at $ 1.1 million – about 23.1 million crowns. But for this price tag, the customer gets more than just the car itself.

The sale also includes various spare parts, including wheels, body panels, chassis components, etc. Perhaps the most interesting bonus to the car is the second engine of the Ford GT Le Mans, which is a rarity in itself and could attract completely new people who would not otherwise be interested in Hoonitruck.

Given the sale of the collection of vehicles with a blue oval in the emblem, Ken Block cannot be expected to appear behind the wheel of another Ford in a video. Apparently, there were plans to build another special “Hoonifox” Mustang based on the third-generation Mustang. However, they apparently took it for granted. The famous Mustang Hoonicorn was then said to remain the property of Ford.



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