KBS “It’s not a Japanese castle, but a dragon palace… Sorry if it was uncomfortable”

KBS2TV Chosun Pop Again

KBS apologized for the controversy over the introduction of Japanese-style architectural paintings in the background of the New Year’s special’Chosun Pop Again’.

KBS 2TV’s’Chosun Pop Again’ production crew said on the 18th, “We are sorry for the unexpected controversy,” and “I envisioned Yonggung as the background of the song’Yeonari’ of’Inalchi’, and various references and animations to realize the image of Yonggung that does not exist. Etc.”

He explained, “The image of Yonggung produced through this process is an image that expresses the dragongung in imagination, and I did not intentionally copy the Japanese character.” Still, “I want to say sorry to the viewers who felt uncomfortable.” “I’m sorry to be uncomfortable with the unexpected situation to the band Inalchi, who gave pleasure to the stage,” he said.

He also promised to delete the video and make more efforts to prevent recurrence in the future.

KBS1TV Korean Traditional Music Song Song Hanmadang

During the stage of’Inalchi’ in the fusion traditional music program’Chosun Pop Again’, which aired on the 11th during the Lunar New Year holiday, a picture reminiscent of the Japanese’Tenshugak’ appeared in the background. A similar background came out while Nam Sang-il and Jeon Tae-won were playing pansori’Sugungga’ in the KBS 1TV Lunar New Year special’Singing Korean Traditional Music Songs’, which aired on the same day.

Netizens criticized “what is Japanese nature in traditional music programs?”

Park Tae-geun, Dong-A.com reporter [email protected]

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