Kardashian Sued For ‘Theft’; what happened?

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is being accused of “stealing” the brand, The Sun reports.

The famous reality show star has been sued by a US-based company.

Beauty Concepts, a Brooklyn-based company, filed a lawsuit against Kardashian. They claim the star has violated trademark law.

The dispute arose because the two companies have very similar brand names. Kardashian’s brand is called SKKN, while Beauty Concepts is called SKKN+.

The company explains that their and Kardashian’s brand names are too similar, confusing customers. They want Kim to drop the title.

Kim’s lawyer, Michael Rhodes, says the company has no right to ask Kardashian to change the brand name.

“We applaud Ms. Lunsford for being a small business owner and following her dreams. But that doesn’t give her the right to falsely claim we did something wrong.”

“Beauty Concepts asked us to drop the ‘SKKN’ name. Of course we said no. Beauty Concepts then challenged Ms. Kardashian’s trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Not surprisingly, the office rejected Beauty Concepts.” request.”

The lawyer is unhappy with the actions of the small business owner. “Running a small esthetics business in Brooklyn doesn’t give it the right to close a global skin care line.”

Currently, Kim is still fighting Beauty Concepts in court to find out who owns the rights to this particular trademark.

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