Justin Dubé-Fahmy and Richard Cartier at K2

K2, the Wild Mountain |Photo: Ian Bergeron

Richard Cartier et Justin Dube-Fahmy are currently at K2. The following news comes from Justin via his Facebook page and I assume Richard follows the same schedule. The whole team joined the base camp on June 22nd and, after hesitating between the Cessen and Abuzzes (normal) routes, they finally opted for the latter. The team is currently perfecting its acclimatization.

The current sequence should take them to camp 4, at almost 8000m and then descend and wait for the right weather window for a possible summit push.

According ExplorersWeb, K2 is very busy this year which makes the upper camps crowded, especially at Camp 2 where a lively discussion was held on the location of some tents. The image of the C2 of the Instagram of Lakpa Dendi testifies to the inventory.

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