Justin Bieber’s wife was publicly caught in face surgery: Phenomena: Values: Lenta.ru

An American plastic surgeon has publicly stated that the wife of a Canadian musician Justin Bieber supermodel Haley Bieber performed several plastic surgeries, and attracted the attention of her lawyers. About the scandal reports portal TMZ.

Dr. Daniel Barrett of Beverly Hills posted roller in his TikTok account, in which he compared two photos of the supermodel: the first frame was taken in 2011, and the second in 2016. According to the expert, Bieber’s nose has become “neater”, which cannot happen without surgical intervention.

Barrett also suggested that the girl did genioplasty (changing the shape and eliminating deformities of the chin area – approx. “Tapes.ru”) and increased her lips.

After the video became viral, the couple’s lawyers said the surgeon was “distributing false, unconfirmed information”, thereby advertising their services. In addition, Barrett was accused of copyright infringement for using a line from Justin Bieber’s song Sorry in the video caption.

Lawyers demanded that the doctor remove the post from the social network and publish a refutation of his words within 24 hours.

Barrett, in turn, said that the videos in which he talks about plastic surgery are informative. He stated that for this reason he did not plan to remove them.

According to the publication, the doctor will continue to discuss the matter with lawyers.

In May, supermodel Haley Bieber answered criticism of users who suspected her of plastic surgery. In one of the fan accounts on Instagram, a collage was published on which photos of Bieber’s face at the age of 13 and 23 are combined. In the comments under this post, she stated that she had never had a face plastic surgery. The model also noted that the frame on the right was edited in Photoshop by a makeup artist.

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