Jung Woo-sung remarks on “The refugee problem, it is difficult for us to help others, NO…”

[스포츠서울 이게은기자] Actor Jung Woo-sung once again expressed his conviction on the refugee issue. He said that refugees are not a threat to us, and the problems that start with them are part of humanity’s solidarity.

In the KBS1 liberal arts program’The Correspondent Report The World is Now’, broadcast on the 26th, Jung Woo-sung and James Lynch, the representative of the UNHCR Korea representative, appeared. They were together as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors.

Woo-sung Jung first said, “In the beginning, as a help activity for people facing difficulties, I took a superficial approach, After visiting the camp, we found out that their problems were never different from us. “I feel every year that the problem of understanding refugees is a problem of catastrophes that humanity continues to create.”

Announcer Yoon Soo-young, who was in charge of the process, said, “There is a negative public opinion towards refugees,” and “he made a statement at the time of the controversy about entering refugees in Jeju Island in 2018.” Jung Woo-sung left a remark in support of the entry of refugees to Jeju Island as public opinion heated up with controversy over the arrival of Yemeni refugees. Jung Woo-sung recalled that time and said, “There is a misunderstanding of refugees. For this reason, I think we should listen to voices expressing concern. We must also see whether the concern is close to the truth, but whether refugees living in Korea exist as a threat to this society? It is being proved that it is not.

It also delivered a message asking for the atmosphere in which the refugee problem steadily rises above the surface. Jung Woo-sung says, “When we talk about refugees, we say,’Are we too difficult to help refugees?’ But that’s not the case. No life can be given priority to someone’s life. There are many problems because it is a complex society. “I’m talking because I need to be in solidarity. If you can afford it, let’s share it.”

Meanwhile, Woo-sung Jung, who has been paying attention to the refugee issue for many years, published an essay “If You Can See What I Seen-The Story of Refugees Jung Woo-sung Met”, which he wrote based on his activities as a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR last year.

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