János Lázár is a member of the government again – it turned out what he was up to

A hearing of the ministers of the fifth Orbán government will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. We have written a summary and evaluation material about these here:

The team

János Lázár is a candidate for Minister of Construction and Investment before the committee.

The Prime Minister has asked for the establishment of a Ministry of Civil Engineering,

this is the only new ministry in the government, ”said the new government minister, who introduced his team:

  • Nándor Csepreghy Deputy Minister and Political State Secretary.
  • Tünde Juhász, head of the Csongrád County Commune Office, will be the state secretary of the ministry.
  • Bálint Nagy is responsible for investments.
  • Regő Lánszki is responsible for construction.

I came to build and not to destroy.

My goal is to create a system and organization that helps with construction. The goal is for Hungary to be one of the best countries in Europe by 2030, to catch up, he said.

Between 2010 and 2022, 23.5 thousand billion public investments were made in Hungary. 80% of this is infrastructure investment, and half of it is road investment, said János Lázár, who said that we cannot be satisfied with this. What we have achieved is a medium level of development, he said.

We already see the backs of Austria, but we can’t catch them

he explained. The next 10 years are important in this regard, we have added political stability. From 2024 to 2026, Europe will return to a new phase, giving the country new opportunities. If the country faces economic difficulties, it will also be more difficult in the field of construction, said the candidate, who reassured the people of Budapest and the leadership of the capital.

In connection with this, he stated that the believer in the city, not Budapest, gets less, but the countryside gets more. At the same time, he stated that he is a rural representative, so he sees Hungary’s gold reserves in the countryside.

For me, the countryside is the first – indicated János Lázár, who promised a new order in public investment. I have promoted order and transparency so far and in the future. What will be entrusted to me will be in order, ”he said.

The goals

The goal is for Hungary to emerge from crisis after the war. The ministry aims to make the pre-investment route more efficient, he said.

Among the goals, he mentioned that the image of the country should not be worse than that of Austria.

When one travels from Germany to Austria, one does not notice a difference in infrastructure, such as the quality of roads, infrastructure services, the height of the grass, the number of potholes, he listed. However, this is not the case if someone comes to Hungary from Austria. It is my job to close this gap in the next 10 years.

Hungarian architecture and construction have the greatest opportunity compared to the last 100 years. The next decade should be the best appetite for all Hungarian builders and investors, he predicted. According to János Lázár, he plans to set up the new ministry with peace of mind.

It also aims to

  • everything is planned by Hungarian architects,
  • everything is built by Hungarian companies.

Viktor Orbán asked me to build a Hungarian world and nothing else

he said. Urban protection and the cityscape will be a priority and think of legislation that does not increase bureaucracy and contribute to the protection of national values.


He also listed his tasks for the next few weeks:

  1. An investment of HUF 10,000 billion is underway. These must be counted. Make it transparent – that is the goal. There are parallel structures, he said. He will suggest this. Ministries, government agencies and state-owned companies manage these investments simultaneously. It is necessary to take into account what is a contract, but it has not yet progressed, what is a contract and a source, and what has already begun, but there are some obstacles to it. If necessary, certain investments should be reviewed, he predicted.
  2. He is also starting negotiations with chambers (architect, engineer), trade unions, VOSZ, MKIK, and the association of industrialists. With the Metropolitan Municipality, the Association of Cities with County Rights, the National Association of Municipalities and the trade unions of those employed in the construction industry.
  3. Once the situation has been assessed, I will have to make a proposal for next year’s investment and I would like to make a proposal for a new public investment framework law for the September period. What we will then start investing in, we need to rethink how we implement it. Rationale, causation and sustainability – he mentioned the aspects. Here, the candidate is not just thinking about the green aspects. For example, how much it costs to maintain a school.
  4. Changing planning and preparation. The law prohibits the planning from taking away the construction, he stated firmly. According to him, in many cases now the contractor is doing the design work, which he says is not correct. Elaborate construction plans are required before starting any work.
  5. János Lázár proposes a new structure for the implementation of investments. The candidate will create a ministerial investment model, authorized by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He noted here that civil engineering is currently managed by the state through NIF Ltd. (road and railway construction), high-rise construction is carried out by the investment agency, BMSK, while water-based construction is carried out through independent and outsourced companies and company empires. the state. The goal here is to subordinate these investments to the ministry. This will restore the power of scrutiny of MPs.

Questions and answers

Construction, architecture and heritage protection will receive a greater focus in the ministry – János Lázár answered questions from representatives.

What we build is the responsibility of the government. How we build is already a matter for my competence and the ministry. I see a huge opportunity to put things right, ”he continued.

He stressed: locals should be consulted before any investment. If they support it, it could be about making the investment happen.

This country is already overbuilt

he underlined. János Lázár mentioned that he, as a man from the Great Plain, is especially disturbed by the increase in the proportion of concreted lands and the increase in the rate of incorporation. The role of maintaining ecological balance is becoming more important.

Cover image source: MTI / Zsolt Szigetváry

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