Jacob deGrom’s progress moves to New York

Since the beginning of the year, we know that the Mets are not a few days away from counting on Jacob deGrom in their rotation. The pitcher has a serious shoulder injury and needs time.

He spent several weeks in Florida, at the Mets training complex, but now he’s back in town with the Mets.

For now, he’s still in the throwing stage on the floor – and he’s not throwing much. Eventually, the goal will be to have him throw balls from a mound shortly.

Hope to see him again by the end of June, before the All-Star Game, that’s the goal. Remember that he has not pitched in a regular game since the last All-Star Game, precisely.

But in the case of deGrom, it’s also the sequel that will be interesting. What kind of contract will he seek, he who still intends to use his exit option next winter to become free as the air?

As Jim Bowden points out, the problem is not the annual salary, but the number of years.

We suspect that the Mets will want to give him the moon for 2023, but will they do so for the future? After all, he is often hurt in life.

According to Bowden, the Mets could offer him a contract with options that would be activated depending on the games started. For example, if you pitch 30 games in 2023, you automatically get a contract for 2024. It’s an idea on the table, but will deGrom want to?

Recall that deGrom would like to end his career with the Mets. That said, the negotiations can derail and another club could offer him the moon.

And let’s look at it this way: the Mets are doing well right now…and have been without deGoat since the start of the 2022 campaign. If he’s taking too many years…

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