It was helpless, we were preparing for the worst. The star remembers how his son fought for his life

When any opponent stands on the ice, he can cope. But hockey player Linus Klasen has now spoken openly on Swedish television about the worst moment of his life. He turned into an endless hour full of anxiety and fear for his little son Connor. “We were preparing for the worst,” the hockey player recalled from moments from when he played in Switzerland. “But everything turned out well in the end,” added Klasen, who now works for the Swedish team Lulea.

He loves his family, means everything to him and does not hide how he misses his four children and his wife in Sweden. His closest ones remained in Switzerland. The 34-year-old former star Lugana admitted this when the Swedish television Sveriges decided to interview her. The player may have spoken unexpectedly, was open and full of emotion. Especially when it came to how his little son Connor almost lost his life.

“I felt helpless,” he returned to his thoughts in 2017, when he was in a restaurant with his family and his youngest offspring suddenly began to shake and vomit. The parents’ prompt reaction and the doctor’s early arrival eventually saved the two-month-old boy’s life. fight for a while as he was flown from Lugano to a hospital in Basel, the diagnosis was clear, the boy had meningitis and needed ventilation.

“We have been told that there is a great risk that it will not survive. And if he manages to do so, there is a risk of lasting consequences. We prepared for the worst, “he recalled of the difficult moments. He wondered if he should stop hockey and head home to Sweden. The hockey player admitted that the situation was crazy for the whole family. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending.” We had a big handle. ” Klasen did not hide and rejoices that Connor is now a cheerful three-year-old boy who likes to have fun with his siblings.

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