It crunches Petra and René on their honeymoon on rafts! “I was scared,” says the bride

Social experiment Wedding at a glance joined together Peter and René. On their wedding day, however, it creaked on Petra’s side. “Looking back, I was blown away by the chaos. I got scared and reacted under pressure,” Petra explained, why she withdrew right after the ceremony and needed a moment for herself.

“Viewers don’t see it at all and they just need to criticize,” Petra complained, as her behavior garnered several negative reactions. According to her, the whole social experiment helped her with priorities. “Based on this experience, I realized my values ​​and adjusted the ranking of values,” she responded to her behavior on the show.

Also, the eternally optimistic René described his feelings before the wedding day. “I was looking forward to my day and I was very curious,” he said with a smile, adding that René added that there was generally a positive response to how well he and Petra look good. Nova Plus.

How the honeymoon turns out Peter and René? And what about other couples? You can watch the fifth part of the Wedding at First Sight show next Wednesday, November 25, at 8:20 pm on TV Nova. But you can already follow it on the portal Voyo.

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