Island of the famous 2022, final, Nicolas Vaporidis is the winner

Island of the famous 2022, the longest ever edition of the reality show ended on Monday 27 June. 99 days in Honduras for the castaways who started this adventure from day one. The winner is Nicolas Vaporidis that got the better of Luca Daffrè (runner-up) and on Carmen Di Pietrobronze medal.

Here are the plays of the final of the Island of the Famous 2022: click here.

Island of the famous 2022, final 27 June: Nicolas Vaporidis is the winner

Island of the famous 2022, final live on Monday 27 June. Missing shortly before the start of the last episode of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi and with Vlamidir Luxury and Nicola Savino columnists. From Honduras, leading the connection with Italy, Alvin. The longest edition of the program history closes this evening. Who among Nicolas Vaporidis, Carmen Di Pietro, Nick Luciani, Mercedesz Henger, Marialaura Devitis and Luca Daffrè will be crowned the winner? This was decided by the vote of the viewers expressed through four channels: Mediaset Infinity App, Website, Smart TV, SMS.

Island of the famous 2022, the finalists

There are 6 finalists in this edition of The Island of the famous: Nicolas Vaporidis, Carmen Di Pietro, Nick Luciani, Mercedes Cylinder, Marialaura Devitis e Luca Daffrè. On the web, during the weeks of broadcasting, Nicolas Vaporidis and Carmen Di Pietro certainly had a strong fanbase, among the most talked about and loved competitors. The actor has often been at the center of discussions and comparisons within the reality show but has always triumphed in televoting, managing to obtain the sympathy and preference of the public. Carmen Di Pietro’s approach to the program is different, often (in) voluntarily comical and funny with her releases, “revisited” proverbs and hunger pangs. But the other finalists are not to be underestimated either. Nick Luciani, from I cousini di Campagna, won several televoting while Marialaura Devitis, after taking part in “The pupa and the nerd show”, joined the program, with Mercedesz Henger. And both managed to reach the semifinal, despite often ending up in the center of televoting. Luca Daffrè remains, also part of the reality show “in the running” but rewarded by the preferences of the public. Who will be the winner, among them 6?

We at TvBlog will follow the final of L’isola dei Famosi live with our livebloggingto enjoy together the last appointment with this edition (the longest running) of the Canale 5 reality show. Appointment at 9.30 pm!

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