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Ding Fan 2023-03-20 20:35:35

DoNews news on March 20 (Ding Fan) Today, the “Little Superman with Performance and Battery Life” iQOO Z7 series was officially released, bringing a leading flash charging experience with a large battery at the same price, and has an excellent gaming performance experience and a full range of functional configurations. The leading technology experience brings extremely value-added and high-quality enjoyment to the vast number of users who pay attention to product quality and value.

As a popularizer of leading technology, iQOO Z7 brings outstanding 120W ultra-fast flash charging and a longer-life equivalent 5000mAh super-large battery at the same price, and has a smaller 120W ultra-fast flash charging charger and Type-C to Type- C data cable to achieve a truly complete flagship-level blood recovery experience; in terms of game performance, iQOO Z7 supports the 120-frame mode of “Honor of Kings” at the same price, and the playing experience is excellent; it has a high-standard seven-fold eye protection LCD screen, closed Three-dimensional double-lift and X-axis linear motor, the “audio-visual touch” experience is fully upgraded; the continuous popularization of OIS optical image stabilization improves the user’s film production rate; there is also one-key flash connection and OriginOS 3, which bring consumers simple and fast use experience. Also on the stage is the iQOO Z7x, which is equipped with 80W flash charging and a 6000mAh large battery, which is expected to become the smartphone with the longest battery life in the industry.

It’s time to share the flagship blood recovery experience brought by iQOO 120W ultra-fast flash charging with over 6 million users around the world! To popularize ultra-fast flash charging to the end, the iQOO Z7, which is positioned at a thousand yuan, is equipped with 120W ultra-fast flash charge and is equipped with an equivalent 5000mAh large battery. In ultra-fast mode, it can charge from 1% to 32% in as little as 5 minutes. %, to achieve the smooth experience of “charging for 5 minutes, watching dramas for 5 hours”.

Equivalent to a 5000mAh large battery, combined with multiple battery life guards, through smarter power consumption management, a longer battery life is achieved. iQOO Z7 supports up to 16.6 hours of continuous video watching, or 39 rounds of large-scale games, with extraordinary battery life. At the same time, it is also a “long-life” battery that supports 1460 deep charge and discharge cycles. Calculated on the basis of “one charge per day”, the battery is still healthy after 4 years of use.

In order to achieve a true flagship blood recovery experience, iQOO Z7 is equipped with a rare and more compact 120W ultra-fast flash charger at the same price. It weighs about 130g and is very portable. The matching Type-C to Type-C data cable has advanced performance , and more convenient to use. The original charging head and data cable of iQOO Z7 can support 65W PD protocol when used together. The mobile phone itself supports up to 30W integrated fast charging protocol and wired reverse charging, bringing rich fast charging application scenarios.

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Excellent performance should be conveyed with a smooth gaming experience. iQOO Z7 will popularize the super frame rate to the end. Under the condition of ultra-high resolution and high-definition picture quality, iQOO Z7 can play the 120 frame mode of “Honor of Kings” for 60 minutes, and the average frame rate can reach 119.7 frames running at almost full frame. The tuned Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G adopts TSMC’s 6nm process and has a 1+3+4 three-cluster architecture. The division of labor between each core is clear, which can not only meet various high-energy requirements, but also efficiently control power consumption performance.

To popularize super-speed heat dissipation to the end, iQOO Z7 is equipped with 3K large-area superconducting VC liquid cooling that far exceeds that of products at the same price, and has a high thermal conductivity gel heat dissipation material with a thermal conductivity that is 71% higher than that of the previous generation Z6, which can cover the main heat in a targeted manner In this area, the core temperature of the CPU can drop by 15°C; 7 built-in temperature sensors can monitor temperature changes in real time, and adjust the cooling strategy of the mobile phone in time to protect the outstanding strength.

The rare good LCD screen in 2023 will popularize super eye protection to the end. The iQOO Z7 series is equipped with a standard seven-fold eye protection LCD screen, which has hardware-level low blue light, sleep mode, global eye protection mode, global DC dimming, stepless dimming, moonlight screen as low as 1nit, and adaptive brightness strategy. The built-in eye protection function also supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 100% movie-level P3 color gamut and HBM highlight mode up to 650nit, so that it can protect eyes and look good.

LCD is a good screen, and it is also a good screen for playing games. The iQOO Z7 screen supports 7-speed variable speed high-brush and 10 times touch resolution, and the first LCD 1200Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate, which can reduce the touch delay during games and make the operation more handy; it has eagle-eye display enhancement and game The original picture mode brings high-quality game screen performance.

iQOO Z7 is equipped with an X-axis linear motor, which can simulate the real typing experience of 6 Logitech and 4 Luofei mechanical keyboards, supports 4D game vibration, and brings vivid, real, and crisp tactile feedback; it has closed stereo dual speakers, supports Hi-Res small gold label and 10 kinds of game sound effects, combined with iQOO’s exclusive customized wide-area sound field widening algorithm, the sound field is wider and the human voice is more penetrating.

The mobile phone signal performance has also improved. iQOO Z7 has a new high-performance antenna layout, which optimizes the network signal in the horizontal holding state of the mobile phone, so that both horizontal and vertical screens have a more stable network signal; the subway network mode brings Douyin content preloading function , so that entertainment does not “pause”. In addition, iQOO Z7 also has e-sports coaches, high frame rate game zones and other iQOO mobile phones have always been good at, making the game experience to a higher level.

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Inheriting the status of “popularizer of optical image stabilization”, the iQOO Z7 rear-mounted 64-megapixel OIS main camera can not only take ultra-clear photos in a well-lit environment, but also cooperate with excellent algorithms to capture low-light, night scenes and motion captures with ease. User output rate.

iQOO Z7 has a lot of image playing methods, 16-megapixel front-facing high-definition texture portrait blockbusters, old movie style and pop comic filters, micro-movies, etc., which can make users enjoy themselves while playing, and the new art frame makes everyone enjoy Each of the photos presents a ritual sense of video creation.

With a design that coexists with atmosphere and delicacy, it presents the reverie of the vast universe and the infinite world. The rear camera of iQOO Z7 adopts the “everything cloud level” design that allows the lens and the body to transition naturally, and 100 micron-level finely carved lines surround the “star travel” Each lens of the “Double Ring” presents a sense of refinement; the one-piece middle frame appears slim and flexible, and its curvature fits the user’s palm. With the appropriate side fingerprint unlocking key, it brings an easy-to-grip and easy-to-touch control experience.

In terms of color matching, iQOO Z7 has “Deep Space Black” that shows the mystery and attraction of the universe, “Atomic Blue” that represents the origin of nature and presents uncertain colors, and “Infinite Orange” that can present virtual and real spaces with unique craftsmanship. Very attractive. iQOO Z7 is equipped with OriginOS 3 based on Android 13. It has functions such as in-situ resurrection mechanism, unfair scheduling, new Jovi tone, etc., which makes the system smoother and easier to use. More care for the elderly and children; make full use of the side fingerprint keys, and the quick start function makes the operation more convenient.

With “one-key flash connection”, iQOO Z7 does everything in place. It is the first in the Z series to be equipped with infrared remote control, which can replace the remote controls of more than 1,600 brands of household appliances; it has full-scene NFC and supports mobile phone access cards, vivo Pay, eID electronic ID card, mobile phone campus card, car key and mobile phone traffic card, realize “going out without a card, all in one machine”, relying on the eSE security chip to achieve financial-level security protection; with enhanced Wi-Fi 6, the network The use is smoother; with a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can easily use standard headphones.

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The new generation of “battery king” iQOO Z7x was unveiled at the same scene. It not only continues the built-in 6000mAh super large battery, but also has an 80W flash charge that is significantly ahead of its peers. It can charge from 1% to 70% in as fast as 34 minutes; the super large battery supports continuous viewing 18.8 hours of video, 44 ​​rounds of playing “Glory of the King”, and 53.1 hours of online listening to music have completely cured the user’s battery life anxiety; after 1,600 deep charge and discharge cycles, the battery health can still reach more than 80%, and it can be charged once a day , The battery life can reach more than four years.

iQOO Z7x is equipped with Snapdragon 695 processor, supports five-layer cooling system and memory integration, and is very smooth to use; once again popularizes super eye protection, Z7x has the same 120Hz seven-layer eye protection LCD screen as iQOO Z7, with 150% The super speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack bring smooth audio-visual enjoyment; the rear 50-megapixel dual camera meets the daily shooting needs of users.

The iQOO Z7x also adopts the design combination of “Vientiane Cloud Steps” and “Star Travel Shuanghuan”, with three colors of “Deep Space Black”, “Light Ocean Blue” and “Infinite Orange”. The overall style is simple and atmospheric.

There are 3 versions of iQOO Z7 to choose from: the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 1599 yuan, the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 1799 yuan (the first sale price is 1699 yuan), and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 1999 yuan (the first sale price is 1899 yuan). , the first sale price will be effective from 20:10 pm on March 20th to March 30th; iQOO Z7x also has 3 versions to choose from: 6GB+128GB version is priced at 1299 yuan, 8GB+128GB version is priced at 1399 yuan, 8GB The +256GB version is priced at 1,499 yuan; now there are a lot of benefits for purchasing the machine: enjoy 3 interest-free installments for a limited time, get iQOO in-ear earphones for a limited time, 20% off for the purchase of broken screen treasure rights for a limited time, and get a free membership worth 200 yuan for a limited time Gift packs, you can also enjoy a large subsidy and +69 yuan to enjoy the benefits of battery replacement with peace of mind.

The pioneer product “5G Little Superman” iQOO Z7i is now officially on sale. It is equipped with a 5000mAh super battery, 5G powerful core and 128GB large storage that supports mircoSD card expansion. There are 3 versions to choose from: 4GB+128GB priced at 949 yuan, 6GB+ The price of 128GB is 999 yuan, and the price of 8GB+128GB is 1099 yuan (the first sale welfare price is 1049 yuan). The products are very valuable.

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